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2017 Family Health Fairs

City of Milwaukee Health Department invites the community to its 2nd annual Family Health Fairs, to be held at each City of Milwaukee Health Center location throughout the month of June 2017

Family & Community Health

Links to the web pages belonging to our Family and Community Health Division.

Farmers' Markets

Information on the sale of food for farmers' market vendors.

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)

Full report as well as separate data tables concerning fetal and infant mortality in the city of Milwaukee.

Fish Consumption Guidelines

State guidelines on which fish to keep and eat, and which to throw back.

Flood Clean-up Tips

Safety and clean-up tips for flooded basements.


Influenza (flu) information and FAQs for both the general public and health care professionals.

Flu FAQs

Answers to common questions about the flu

Flu Information for Health Care Professionals

Flu recommendations and prevention strategies for health professionals.

Flu Pandemics

City and state plans for fighting pandemic flu, and resources detailing how you and your family can plan for it as well.

Flu Pandemics FAQ

Answers to your questions about pandemic flu.

Flu Vaccine FAQs

Answers to common questions about the vaccine for seasonal flu.

Food Business Start-up Information

Links to an informational booklet and resources needed to open a food business in Milwaukee.

Food Carts

Information, training and legal requirements for food cart vendors to assist in obtaining operating licenses.

Food Inspection Reports

Food establishment inspections, information about our inspection program and explanations of the reports.

Food Safety for Businesses

Signs, fact sheets and links to state and local food codes.

Food Safety for Individuals

Information for individuals and businesses on how to safely handle and cook food.

Free and Low-cost Clinics

Contact information for free and affordable health care for those without insurance.

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Health Department Locations

Administrative Offices

Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N Broadway, 3rd Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3653
(414) 286-3521

Northwest Health Center

7630 W Mill Rd
(414) 286-8830

Keenan Health Center

3200 N 36th St
(414) 286-8840

Southside Health Center

1639 S 23rd St
(414) 286-8620