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Death and Birth Certificates

Links to information on the various ways to obtain birth and death certificates.

Death Certificates By Mail

Instructions for obtaining a death certificate by mail.

Death/Birth Certificates - Credit Card Service

Forms and instructions for obtaining a birth or death certificate using your credit card.

Death/Birth Certificates - Obtain in Person

Instructions for obtaining a birth or death certificate at our offices.

Denim Day

An international sexual assault awareness campaign.

Disease Control and Environmental Health

Links to web pages belonging to our Disease Control and Environmental Health Division.

Disease Index

A list of diseases, their characteristics, and local outbreak information if applicable.

Disease Statistics for Milwaukee County (SurvNet)

Charts providing numbers for all reportable communicable diseases in Milwaukee County for a given timeframe.

Disease Surveillance & Control

Current information about diseases active in the Milwaukee area.

Domestic Violence

General information on domestic violence, bystander intervention, and local resources to help.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Resources

Local resources to support those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Milwaukee Commission

An overview of the work done by the Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault along with downloadable materials and community resources for victims and perpetrators of violence in our community.

DTaP Supplemental Information

Possible reactions to this vaccine, and when to see a doctor.

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Health Department Locations

Administrative Offices

Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N Broadway, 3rd Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3653
(414) 286-3521

Northwest Health Center

7630 W Mill Rd
(414) 286-8830

Keenan Health Center

3200 N 36th St
(414) 286-8840

Southside Health Center

1639 S 23rd St
(414) 286-8620