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Baby Screening

Information about screening tests given to babies shortly after birth.

Beach Advisories

Info about beach health and what posted advisories mean.

Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Requirements for bed and breakfast establishments.

Bioterrorism Threats FAQ

Answers to common questions about how to respond in mass emergency situations.

Birth and Death Certificates

Links to information on the various ways to obtain birth and death certificates.

Birth Certificates By Mail

Instructions on obtaining a birth certificate by mail

Birth/health/death Certificates - Credit Card Service

Forms and instructions for obtaining a birth or death certificate using your credit card.

Birth/health/death Certificates - Obtain In Person

Instructions for obtaining a birth or death certificate at our offices.

Body Piercing & Tattoos

Licensing information for tattoo parlors and piercing shops along with health information for those who are considering or who have just recently gotten tattoos/piercings.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening

Services and eligibility information for our Well Woman and WISEWOMAN programs targeting women ages 45 to 64.


Information and resources for breastfeeding mothers and those interested in breastfeeding.

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Health Department Locations

Administrative Offices

Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N Broadway, 3rd Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3653
(414) 286-3521

Northwest Health Center

7630 W Mill Rd
(414) 286-8830

Keenan Health Center

3200 N 36th St
(414) 286-8840

Southside Health Center

1639 S 23rd St
(414) 286-8620