There are many ways to help Milwaukee youth become career and college ready.  Read about some of our program partners below to learn more.

Earn & Learn is Mayor Barrett’s initiative to provide summer employment to Milwaukee’s youth. It provides an opportunity for businesses to invest in their future workforce and the local economy while influencing the public’s knowledge of their industry/company. Since the program’s inception more than 16,000 summer job positions have been filled by Earn & Learn young people. The program has a 92 percent employer retention rate – participants are pleased with the quality of Earn & Learn youth. We pre-screen all youth applicants and train on soft-skills before sending their resumes and information to businesses that then make their own hiring decisions.

My Life! My Plan! is a program sponsored by the Greater Milwaukee Committee's Milwaukee Talent Dividend Initiative. The program features a three-hour workshop that teaches high school students about career clusters, how to prepare for a constantly evolving job market and the driver industries that will provide future jobs in Wisconsin. During the workshop, students meet with career coaches, volunteers from the business community, who guide them through a career assessment and career exploration that includes identifying the post-secondary education necessary to pursue a specific career pathway. This model encourages students to set realistic short and long term goals in order to be best prepared for college and career success after high school. It also offers businesses a means to invest in Milwaukee’s future workforce and feed the talent pipeline.

Lead to Succeed is an industry-driven youth leadership development program in which college students are trained to lead teams of high school students in high impact service-learning projects that support local non-profit organizations. The projects also provide students an opportunity to connect with business partners.  Through these experiences, students learn critical employability skills and gain exposure to the jobs that will be most needed in the years to come. Lead to Succeed engages students in their current learning, creates responsible citizens, and develops fresh talent for Milwaukee’s workforce.

GYSD is an annual campaign that celebrates and mobilizes the millions youth who improve their communities each day of the year through community service and service-learning. GYSD is the largest service event in the world and is celebrated in over 100 countries. On GYSD, youth address the world's most critical issues in partnership with families, nonprofits, schools, community and faith-based organizations, businesses, and governments.

LVP seeks to expand and improve youth workforce development efforts in Milwaukee by sharing resources, facilitating and supporting collaborations between the public and private sectors, and advocating for youth workforce development partners in the community.

LVP’s vision is that the public and private sectors in Milwaukee will effectively and efficiently work together to provide the best college and career readiness programs to the city’s youth.

Contact Information
William J. Malone
Youth Development Coordinator
Phone: 414.286-5894
Dept. of City Development
809 North Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202