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Josey Heights subdivision.

A new subdivision is taking shape in the 15th District, on vacant land just west of I-43 at the Hillside interchange.  Two models are to be completed in the spring at the Josey Heights Subdivision, bounded on the north and south by W. Lloyd and W. Brown Streets and on the east and the west by N. 12th and N. 14th Streets.

The Bayberry model.

Josey Heights Development Partners plan to build a total of 53 homes on the land, which has been known as the Lloyd Street Playfield, and was cleared nearly 40 years ago to make way for a freeway that was never built. Thirty-seven are to be single-family, owner-occupied homes, and 16 are to be owner-occupied condominiums.

The Townhouse model.

A tax incremental district will pay for new streets, sidewalks, lighting, sewer and water service.

The Alexandria model.

A storm water management program is being developed for the subdivision, with porous pavements and rain gardens for the homes. The subdivision is named in honor of J. Anthony Josey, a local newspaper editor and strong advocate for housing and jobs for Milwaukee's early African American residents. For more information call George Calaway at 226-4761.