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Homeowner information topics & applications

1 and 2 family homeowner information

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Information Sheets
Attic alterations or conversions
Basement alterations or conversions
Building permit checklist
Conversion, duplex to single-family
Credit card authorization form
Draining roofs and yards
Dumpsters in the public way
Family day care homes
Fees -- Residential
Fence requirements -- residential
Flood plain information
Garage -- 1 and 2 family homes
Historic Preservation Commission
Historic property -- certificate of appropriateness
Home-based occupation or business
House numbers and address assignment
Homes -- new construction and additions
Lead hazard reduction project permits
Ownership change -- residential properties
Property research resources
Remodeling projects -- one and two family homes
Residential zoning code
Stairs -- 1 & 2 family homes
Swimming pool packet
Swimming pools -- private
Urban design principles

Block party information
Building permit
Cautionary Statement
Credit card authorization
Driveway permit
Family day care homes
Fence permit
Historic property -- certificate of appropriateness
HVAC permit
Plumbing permit affidavit-homeowner
Plumbing permit
Raze permit
Statement of home occupation
Swimming pool construction permit

Licensed or Registered Contractor Lists
Licensed contractors

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