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Thanks for your interest in the GYSD Milwaukee Video Competition!
Here are your Global Youth Service Day Video Competition Eligibility and Guidelines:
Submit a short video piece, in the form a documentary of your service project, a video journal reflection, create a song or rap, spoken word piece or a skit that illustrates the impact of your service on you and your community.  
A Grand Prize Winner will be selected via online voting and the creators of the winning video will win $500 to donate to the non-profit or school or their choice!
The competition is open to any individual or team that is registered with Global Youth Service Day Milwaukee 2014.
All entries must contain completely original video/photography/music. Entries that include existing video/photography/music from another source may not be accepted or could be removed by YouTube. Find out more about “open source” music for your film from sources listed on our Resource Guide (see link above).
Entries must be family friendly and must not include any inappropriate or explicit language (or implication thereof – i.e. bleeped out words), dancing, dress, imagery, etc. 
Entries must be under 4 minutes.  
Upload your video to your YouTube account and copy and paste the link to your video on your Survey Monkey Submission Form (see link below).
Sponsoring/partnering organizations are responsible to ensure that EVERYONE that is featured in the video has completed a release form before uploading to YouTube.
Service Reflection Criteria – all entries must address the following questions in some manner
Demonstrate the need for and/or purpose of your service project.
Show the positive impact the service project had on you and/or your team members.
Show the positive impact on the need or problem addressed by your service project.
Educate viewers about an issue and/or power of service.
Encourage others to continue OR begin their involvement in community service.
Online Voting
More info to come! GYSD Milwaukee will announce when and how to participate in online voting. The video with the most votes will be the Grant Prize Winner!
Submission Form
Visit this link to complete your GYSD Milwaukee Video Contest Submission Form (NOTE: The last question asks for the link to your YouTube video, so you must upload your video to YouTube before starting this submission form.)

For more information please contact: