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Turn your Passion into Action and Impact!!!

You can use the following five steps to make a BIG impact on an issue that is important to you and your community:


  • Select an issue that is important to you.
  • Identify and learn about community needs and problems that are connected to the issue.
  • Brainstorm and select a way to address the need and make an impact.
  • After you come up with a meaningful, doable, and effective project idea, begin to prepare and plan.

Prepare and Plan:

  • Gather a planning team.
  • Create project goals and a method to track progress.
  • Once you create a strategy for change, put your plan into action.


  • Implement your project plan.
  • Document your activity.
  • Measure, track, and record project outcomes.


  • Share outcomes and highlights and teach others how to replicate your project.
  • Celebrate your success and thank all supporters.
  • Make plans to continue or expand your project.


  • Reflect on how you can connect with what you are learning and doing.

After you learn how the project impacted you and how you impacted the community, share your experience.


Check out our video to help you create your very own GYSD project!



About Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) is an annual campaign that celebrates and mobilizes millions of youth to improve their communities each year through community service. Celebrated in over 100 countries, GYSD is the largest service event in the world. During GYSD, youth address the world's most critical issues in partnership with families, schools, communities, faith-based organizations, businesses, and governments.



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