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Environmental Health and Nuisance Control Sections

The Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) environmental health and nuisance sections deal with situations related to the use of land or a building that may impact the health of neighbors and the community. They deal with inspectional services from Asbestos removal to Zoologicals in pool water. Among the primary services they deal with are nuisance garbage in yards, noise & light pollution, dangerous or nuisance animals, asbestos removal monitoring, pool inspection and licensing for animals.

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Animal Control

Various animal nuisance control programs and licensing information, including New Pit Bull and Rottweiler Rules.

Pest Control

Commercial Pesticide Application Registration, roach, pigeons, rats and stinging insect control

Nuisance Control

Garbage problems, illegally parked vehicles, and nuisance vehicles

Noise Complaints

What citizens can do to stop noise in their neighborhoods.

Noise Variances

How to apply for a noise variance such as at festivals or out-door concerts.

Chronic Nuisance

How DNS and Milwaukee Police Deal with recurring nuisance complaints.

Chronic Nuisance Property Ordinance Brochure (DNS-130v42)

It's too late. You've got a ticket from the Police and your property is the target of angry neighbors and public agencies. What are your rights? What should you do? How do neighbors call in a complaint on such a property? How many complaints trigger a response? How much is the fine? Could I lose the property? Find answers to these questions and more in this brochure.

Last update 02/22/2013

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