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Environmental Inspection Section

The Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) Environmental Section deals with situations related to the use of land or a building that may impact the health of neighbors and the community. They deal with inspectional services from asbestos removal to zoologicals in pool water. Among the primary services they deal with are asbestos removal, noise & light pollution, masonary sand blasting, hotel & motel sanitary inspections and swimming pool inspections.Specific information relative to the following programs can be obtained by calling 286-3280. If you want to make a service request or a complaint, call the DNS Complaint Intake line at (414) 286-2268. A Department of Neighborhood Services Employee will take the information and keep the complainants name confidential. Here is a summary of what the Environmental Section handles and what is needed to make a proper complaint. The direct number is listed where possible.

For all complaints, please include the name, address, and phone number of the complainant along with a description of the violation and address of the location where the violation is occurring. 

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Information about asbestos, removal, and permits.


Information about campground licenses.

Dry Cleaning

Information about dry cleaning establishments and permits.

Filling Stations

Information about who issues Filling Station permits and who conducts inspections.


Information about laundromat permits and complaints.


Information about nuisance light and how to file a complaint.

Litter and/or Improper Disposal

Information about litter on commercial and vacant lots, as well as information about improper disposal or storage of fluids.


Information about noise complaints and noise variance applications.


Information about backyard pools and public swimming pools.