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Electrical Inspection Section

Electrical inspectors check the installation and modification of a building's electrical facilities. This includes, but not limited to all wiring and equipment associated to power, lighting, control, communication and life safety systems for all buildings. The City of Milwaukee adopts by reference in the Building and Zoning Code Vol II Chapter 222 the State of Wisconsin Electrical Code Comm 16 Vol II. The State code adopts by reference The National Electrical code NFPA 70. The above noted codes can be found in most libraries reference section.

Click here for Chapter 222 of the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances
Click here for State of Wisconsin Administrative Electrical Code
Click here for NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

What We Inspect

Electrical Inspection performs the following type inspections; main electrical service updates and new installations and any electrical system alteration or new installations of equipment. We also investigate electrical complaints. Our inspectors are part of the Occupancy inspection team. The following is the current electrical district arrangements and phone numbers.

Who Can Take Out a Permit

All Electrical work in the City of Milwaukee must be done with a permit obtained from the Development Center. The person applying for the permit must be a Milwaukee Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor.


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