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Trevionne is a firm believer that overcoming challenges is the key to learning. As a Milwaukee Collegiate Academy student, he pushed himself to take on rigorous coursework in chemistry, participate in mock trials in civics, and learn a new language and culture in a Spanish course. At a family auto body shop, Trevionne took apart and put together car parts to learn the tools and skills of automotive mechanics. Through these challenges, he hopes to one day work at his own auto body shop.

Trevionne currently participates in Work to Succeed, a work-experience program, at the Milwaukee Department of City Development. He believes the work opportunity made him more responsible both on the job and in his personal life. In fact, Trevionne strongly advocates personal responsibility, advising underclassmen to “get involved in extra-curriculars, stay on top of everything (chores, homework), and learn responsibility”. He credits his mother and grandmother for instilling these values through their tireless efforts to overcome challenges and succeed.

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