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Tatyana Mclemore

A senior at Milwaukee Public Schools’ Pulaski High School, Tatyana is a true STEM girl at heart. Her favorite classes are chemistry, biomed sciences, and geometry. She would like to use her passion for science to help people, and has expressed an interest in becoming a heart surgeon within or outside of Wisconsin. She’s already been accepted to six universities around Wisconsin, but has her heart set on going to Clark Atlanta University in Georgia.

Tatyana is currently participating in Milwaukee Public Schools’ WI Youth Apprenticeship Program at Prime Financial Credit Union, where she is learning business management, has improved her communication skills and has learned to put herself in other peoples’ shoes. This opportunity has also taught her valuable information about the banking industry including loans, what the IRS does, and credit scores. In 2012, she participated in Earn & Learn’s Community Work Experience Program by working as an assistant at the Washington High Summer CLC. She has also worked at the Riverwest Child Care Center and at the COA Youth and Family Centers.

Working with young children, and having little cousins and siblings, has inspired Tatyana to be a role model. She also admires her mother’s hard work ethic. Tatyana’s integrity shines bright in her advice to underclassmen, “Don’t be easily influenced by anyone. If you think its wrong; it’s wrong.”
Tatyana represents the typical Earn & Learn – Private Sector Job Connection applicant. She is preparing for the transition out of high school and into young adulthood. She has previous work experience, including participation in another Earn & Learn program, and has volunteered to make her community a better place. To hire a youth like Tatyana, fill out a job order form here.


Youth Apprenticeship and Earn & Learn are work-based learning programs that give students opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to workplace situations, while they earn wages and build their work history.



Mayor Barrett's Earn & Learn program provides employment opportunities in the city for high school youth and young adults, exposing them to the working world and improving workforce preparedness.

About Earn & Learn

Mayor Barrett's Earn & Learn program in the City of Milwaukee helps young people make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood by providing opportunities to develop work-readiness skills while they earn wages working in government, community- and faith-based organizations and private sector businesses.

Earn & Learn is operated jointly by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board (MAWIB) and the Milwaukee Department of City Development (DCD). 

Earn & Learn is part of a regional effort ensure the economic growth and vitality of the Milwaukee metropolitan area by preparing young people to successfully enter the future labor force.