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Last week’s Earn & Learn ad featured four students from Escuela Verde, a city-chartered middle and high school. EV uses project-based learning, which is a comprehensive teaching style that is hands-on and allows students to learn at their own pace while solving real-world problems. Hannah Wood, an 8th grader (pictured third from left), and Eduardo de la Cruz, a 10th grader (pictured far left) share their experiences:

Hannah’s dream is to create an organization for teens who are bullied and to teach youth to use their voice. She is a Peer Leader in Escuela Verde’s Restorative Justice Program that focuses on bringing students and teachers into discussion circles to align goals and address issues. Hannah says that Escuela Verde feels like one big family and that she’s learning how to be more responsible.

Eduardo is creative and likes working with his hands. He is a self-assured and vibrant young man ready to make change in this world. He says of project-based learning: “It has opened my mind to new ideas and has helped me see the world from others’ perspectives.” His advice to underclassmen is, “Imagination is everything,” and “Don’t let anybody talk you down.”

Escuela Verde’s project-based learning model teaches independence, critical thinking, and communication skills. Eduardo and Hannah will be well prepared to enter the workforce through Earn & Learn’s Private Sector Job Connection in a few short years. Fill out a job order form to hire youth with the same skills Eduardo and Hannah are now learning.