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Demetrius Brooks

Demetrius is a student at Milwaukee Public Schools’ Bay View High School with a passion for architecture and design. As a motivated student, he knows the opportunity to work and grow on the job is vital for an education and career in these fields. Demetrius is very grateful to participate in Milwaukee Public Schools’ Youth Apprenticeship program, where he has learned new skills in data entry and project management. He credits this work experience for his newfound confidence in his resume, college applications, and most importantly, himself. After high school, he plans to pursue interior architecture at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design or engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Demetrius isn’t new to the world of work. He has previous work experience with the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee in addition to summer jobs. In the spirit of Earn & Learn, Demetrius hopes other students will have the same invaluable opportunity to work and grow with a business. This is where you come in. Earn & Learn’s Private Sector Job Connection is your chance to hire an outstanding student worker just like Demetrius. Our applicants bring prior experience, job skills, and a passion to work toward a better future. Hire a student like Demetrius today by filling out a job order form here.

Youth Apprenticeship and Earn & Learn are work-based learning programs that give students opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to workplace situations, while they earn wages and gain work experience.



Mayor Barrett's Earn & Learn program provides employment opportunities in the city for high school youth and young adults, exposing them to the working world and improving workforce preparedness.

About Earn & Learn

Mayor Barrett's Earn & Learn program in the City of Milwaukee helps young people make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood by providing opportunities to develop work-readiness skills while they earn wages working in government, community- and faith-based organizations and private sector businesses.

Earn & Learn is operated jointly by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board (MAWIB) and the Milwaukee Department of City Development (DCD). 

Earn & Learn is part of a regional effort ensure the economic growth and vitality of the Milwaukee metropolitan area by preparing young people to successfully enter the future labor force.