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Aasyia Hightower

Aasyia is a South Division student with a passion for helping others. Aasyia works with special-needs students through Best Buddies Wisconsin, tutors at COA Family & Youth Centers, and spent her NYE running a crafts table for kids. As you can probably imagine, Aasyia plans to make a career out of helping others. In fact, she’s already applied to medical-assistant programs at three schools- Bryant and Stratton, MATC, and UWM.

In addition to volunteering, Aasyia is a current Earn & Learn participant working at the Milwaukee Department of City Development through a program called Work to Succeed. She credits Earn & Learn for her ability to multi-task, complete challenging assignments, work with a variety of people, and give presentations. “My sister and aunt taught me that I can do anything I want to.” Aasyia embodies their can-do attitude each day on the job by working hard and growing through each new work experience.

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Mayor Barrett's Earn & Learn program provides employment opportunities in the city for high school youth and young adults, exposing them to the working world and improving workforce preparedness.

About Earn & Learn

Mayor Barrett's Earn & Learn program in the City of Milwaukee helps young people make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood by providing opportunities to develop work-readiness skills while they earn wages working in government, community- and faith-based organizations and private sector businesses.

Earn & Learn is operated jointly by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board (MAWIB) and the Milwaukee Department of City Development (DCD). 

Earn & Learn is part of a regional effort ensure the economic growth and vitality of the Milwaukee metropolitan area by preparing young people to successfully enter the future labor force.