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Private Sector Job Connection

Private Sector Job Connection (PSJC) provides work opportunities in the private sector for older youth, usually at least 18 years-old, who have had previous work experience in Earn & Learn or in another program. Employers submit job orders that outline the essential duties, qualifications and work requirements for each position they wish to fill. Students are screened to ensure they meet the qualifications specified by employers.


CWE Culinary Arts

Hire youth for summer 2015

Dream, Build, Explore (Lead2Change) Internship

Young People

Sumbit an application for PSJC 2015

To qualify: you must be at least 18 years-old and have previous work experience.

To apply: fill out an online APPLICATION and submit your resume

Hire youth this summer!

The Earn & Learn Poster Campaign highlights various youth in Milwaukee who have been part of the Private Sector Job Connection. We get hundreds of youth applicants who are all looking for a job in order to prepare themselves for the future. Help us help them by filling out a job order to hire a student this summer!

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Kenneth Gales

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