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Download Tabular Data

Master Property Record

Updated July 8, 2014

Master Property Record, or MPROP as it is commonly called, is a computerized inventory of all properties in the city. It contains more than 90 elements of data describing each of the approximately 160,000 properties in the city. The file was created in 1975 to provide current and accurate property information with enough flexibility to be accessed in a variety of ways. Since it was implemented and made available, the data has become invaluable and is currently used by nearly every city department. This same data is now being broadly distributed in a format that is compatible with commonly available computer equipment and operating systems.

  • MPROP is available in ASCII format. MPROP data currency is based on file date.   This file is approximately 75 MB and may take some time to download depending on the speed of your connection.
  • MPROP is available in  XML format.  This file is compressed (zipped).   The file is approximately 21 MB compressed.  After saving the zipped file to your hard drive, and extracting it, the resulting XML file will be approximately 400 MB containing around 160,000 records.  Be patient, the importing of this data into Microsoft Access (or any other database) will take some time.
  • MPROP is available in MS Excel format. This file generates daily. The file is approximately 59 MB.

Documentation for MPROP is available in word (.doc) format.

Historical MPROP

Looking for old versions of Milwaukee's Master Property Record (MPROP)?  CLICK HERE to download data from as far back as 1975.

Legal Description

Updated July 8, 2014

Each City property has a formal legal description. The legal description for a taxkey may require up to seven logical records.Legal descriptions are available in ASCII format. Legal description data currency is based on file date. Documentation for Legal description is available in word (.doc) format.

Standard Industrial Classifications

Updated: February 24, 2010

The Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC Codes) are maintained by the Department of City Development's Information Center. These codes include the four digit SIC, a description of that SIC, a generalized two digit landuse category, and a generalized description.

SIC Codes are available in ASCII format and in word (.doc) format.

Tax Data

Updated February 14, 2014

The tax data available in this file are the details from the tax levy in the City of Milwaukee. Other tax data can be found on the City of Milwaukee Office of the City Treasure site. Tax data is available in fixed length ASCII format. Documentation for tax file is available in tax.txt (text) format.

COMPASS: Query and Download

Another source of tabular data can be found on the COMPASS web page. The Query and Download application allows users to extract data based on various geographic features. Information is presented in two formats: in a screen display or in a Microsoft Excel document. Available data includes Uniform Crime Report (UCR), property data and addresses. Data can be used for creation of mailing labels per specific geographic areas and/or data downloaded and used in user specific software applications.