City of Milwaukee Downloadable Data 

Data Set Department Frequency File Extension Data Dictionary? Notes
Master Address Index (MAI) ITMD Daily ASCII. XML, DAT Yes  
Master Property File  ITMD  Weekly ASCII,XML,DAT   Yes    
Historical MPROP ITMD  Yearly  DAT,DOC,ASC,XML,ASCII   1975-2012
Property Legal Descriptions  ITMD  Weekly  ASCII,DAT,DOC Yes  
Standard Industrial Classifications ITMD None ASCII,DAT,DOC Yes 2010
Landuse Maps ITMD Weekly CAD,ZIP Yes  
Aldermanic Districts ITMD 4 Years SHP,KML,ZIP    
Corporate Boundary ITMD None SHP,KML,ZIP   2004
Neighborhoods ITMD None SHP,KML,ZIP   2007
Parcel Outlines ITMD Weekly SHP,KML,ZIP    
Milwaukee Police District Statistics ITMD Weekly XML,PDF    
Property Tax Levy Current Collection Accounts City Treasurer Yearly TXT,PDF Yes  
Property Tax Outstanding Balances City Treasurer Monthly TXT Yes  
Delinquent Tax Account Listing City Treasurer Monthly XLS    
Assessor’s Sales Data City Assessor  Weekly  XML,ASCI,XLS  Yes  
Aldermanic District Propery Sales City Assessor  Yearly      
Neighborhood Services Permit and Violation Records Neighborhood Services Monthly PDF,XLS    
City of Milwaukee Demographics Redistricting Common Council   PDF    2010
Licenses, List of Licenses and Permits Issued City Clerk   PDF,XLS    
Licenses, Table of Licenses by Type and Aldermanic District City Clerk   PDF     
General Birth Datasheet Health   PDF   1999-2008
Infant Mortality Datasheet Health   PDF   1999-2010
Prematurity Datasheet Health   PDF   1999-2010
Prenatal Care Datasheet Health   PDF   1999-2010
Low Birth Weight Datasheet Health   PDF   1999-2010
Winter Parking Regulations by Street Address Public Works        
PDF Map Downloads (COMPASS) ITMD Weekly PDF    


City of Milwaukee Searchable Data Sets/Applications

Data Set Department Notes
Legislative Reference Bureau Library Common Council  
Neighborhood Services System Neighborhood Services  
Licenses Issued By The City of Milwaukee City Clerk  
Licenses Applied For In the Past Year City Clerk  
Milwaukee Municipal Court Cases Municipal Court  
Current Milwaukee Fire Dispatched Calls for  Service ITMD Updated Every Five Minutes
Current Milwaukee Police Dispatched Calls for Service ITMD Updated Every Five Minutes
Street Parking Regulations by Street Address Public Works  
Lobbying/Lobbyist Information City Clerk  
Statements of Economic Interests Ethics Board  
Aldermanic District Statistics (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from your Aldermanic district
Census Tract Report Card (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from one or more census tracts
Community Mapping (COMPASS) ITMD Mapping application to track safety and other trends
Neighborhood Strategic Planning Statistics (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information for each of the 18 Neighborhood Strategic Planning (NSP) districts
Police District Statistics (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from your Police district
Query and Download (COMPASS) ITMD Extract data based on various geographic features
2010 Demographic Data Report (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from an intersection given half-mile and one-mile radius


City of Milwaukee Downloadable Information

Data Set Department Notes
Common Council 2013 News Releases Common Council  
Water Works Standards and Specifications Water Works  
Sister Cities Information Common Council  
Historic Preservation; Study Reports Common Council  
Historic Preservation; Locally-Designated Sites, Districts, and Structures Common Council