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Community Involvement

Block Watches

Block Watch is a national program that is based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime. Block Watch is simple to begin and can improve the security of your neighborhood while increasing your sense of community.

It involves neighbors getting to know each other and working together in a program of mutual interests and assistance, citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods, and the implementation of crime prevention techniques, such as home, garage and personal safety and security.

The Milwaukee Police Department with Citywide Block Watch Council offer citizens a manual created to help reduce crimes in area neighborhoods through the development of Block Watch groups. Click here for a copy of the Block Watch Manual

There may be a block watch in your area right now. To get involved, contact of one the neighborhood organizations on our Resources page.

For more information on starting a block watch or to locate a block watch in District Two, contact Community Liaison Police Officer Jesus GLORIA at (414) 935-7228, (414) 235-6638 or 

Neighborhood Clean-Ups


Get to know your neighbors and improve the look of your neighborhood by organizing a clean-up!

  1. Select a Clean-Up Time and Date. Weekends are a good time for a clean-up, as most of your neighbors will be available. Always schedule at least four weeks in advance with a rain date.

  1. Identify Clean-Up Site. It is helpful to create a map, outlining the streets and locations to be cleaned.

  1. Tools and Supplies. Tools you need depend on what you plan to clean up. Hoes, rakes and/or shovels may be needed. Try to anticipate your needs before the day of the clean-up. You will definitely need heavy-duty trash bags and work gloves. These can be obtained from a supermarket as a donated item or from other businesses in your neighborhood. Most businesses have trash bags and will gladly donate some. 

  1. Organize Volunteers. Call or visit neighbors and ask them to participate in the clean-up.

  1. Plan for Refreshments. Have water and other refreshments available for the volunteers. Businesses in the area are sometimes willing to donate. 

  1. Ask the Crime Watch or Other Community Organizations in the Area to Round Up Volunteers, if you need additional help.

  1. Celebrate your Success! Organize a neighborhood party to celebrate your successful clean-up! Feel free to invite local politicians and other community leaders. Publicity is a wonderful way to show neighboring areas that clean-ups are easy and a great way to show pride.