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Block Watch Council

Approximately three years ago, several active block watch captains formed a Block Watch Captain’s Council to promote and encourage citizen participation in all crime prevention activities, especially in the formation of additional block watches throughout the district.

This group of wonderful, dedicated residents has been a great asset to our crime prevention program at District Two. Throughout the years, they have helped us plan our major events, such as National Night Out, Lights on for Safety Campaign, Block Captain’s Recognition Awards/Dinner, etc.

The responsibilities of the block watch captains that agree to serve on this council and represent their police squad area are:

  1. Receive and discuss relevant crime prevention information provided by the police department.  Assist in the distribution of this crime information to their area groups, schools, churches, businesses, block watches, etc.

  2. Advise neighborhood groups and residents living in their squad area about crime prevention programs, services and activities offered by the Milwaukee Police Department

  3. Work directly with the district community liaison officer to establish as many block watches in their squad area as possible. Hold meetings within the squad area as a way to inform, educate and disperse crime prevention information (#3 NOT MANDATORY).

  4. Work directly with the community liaison officer on special crime prevention events throughout the year, such as National Night Out, crime prevention seminars, monthly safety coalition meetings, etc.

Volunteer members on the District Two Block Watch Council are required to:

  1. Live in the squad area they represent
  2. Serve on the District Two Block Watch Council for one year
  3. Meet at least once a month with the district Community Liaison Officer
The Council meets the first Saturday of the month at 11AM.  The meetings are about 1 hour long. 

Additional information on block watches is available on our Community Involvement page. If you are interested in joining our Council, please contact Officer Jesus GLORIA at 414-935-7228 or 414-235-6638.

Captain Alfonso MORALES


District Numbers 

General Information
935-7222 / 935-7223 / 935-7224

Captain's Office - 935-7220

Lieutenant's Office - 935-7221

Desk Sergeant's Office - 935-7222

Patrol Sergeant's Office - 935-7227

Community Liaison Office - 935-7228
12pm - 8pm

Non Emergency Number - 933-4444

Emergency Number - 911

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