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No overnight parking is allowed on through highways and mass transit (bus) routes from December 1 to March 1. These streets are not posted. For a list of these streets please go to the Winter Parking Regulations page. In case of a "Snow Emergency" prior to December 1 or after March 1, vehicles must be moved to a side street and must be legally parked in conformity with all other regulations on the proper side of the street.
Overnight parking is allowed on both sides of the street from March 1 to December 1. Alternate side night parking is allowed from December 1 to March 1. These streets are not posted. For a list of these streets please go to the Winter Parking Regulations page.
  • 4" RULE
Certain residential streets are posted "No Parking When Snow Falls 4 Inches or More." Parking is allowed on both sides of the street, except when snow has accumulated on the street surface to the depth of 4 inches or more. Then no parking is allowed on the side of the street where the sign is posted until the snow has been removed--day or night or at any time of the year. To determine whether this regulation applies to a specific street go to Street Parking Regulations.
Certain residential streets are restricted to parking on a specific side of the street during the winter months. These streets are posted with signs reading "No Parking" on one side of the street, either for the entire December 1 to March 1 period, or with a monthly alternation of the prohibited side. To determine whether this regulation applies to a specific street go to Street Parking Regulations.
If a snow emergency has been declared, night parking regulations are in effect from 11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. on all city streets regardless of the winter parking regulation.
A "Snow Emergency" is declared to exist whenever snow falls during any period of 24 hours or less to a depth which is determined and declared by the Commissioner of Public Works to constitute a serious public hazard impairing transportation, the movement of food and fuel supplies, medical care, fire, health, and police protection, and other vital facilities of the City. Such an emergency is declared to continue for a period of 72 hours or until such earlier times as snow plowing operations have been declared completed by the Commissioner of Public Works. "Snow Emergencies" are widely publicized on local radio and television stations. In addition, "Temporary No Parking Tow Away" signs may be posted by the City to assist in clean-up after major snowfalls. Vehicles parked in violation of "Snow Route Tow-Away Zone" and "Temporary No Parking Tow Away" signs or obstructing traffic during a "Snow Emergency" will be towed away at owner's expense. There are no exceptions.
Milwaukee Public Schools makes some of its playgrounds and parking lots available for overnight parking during declared snow emergencies and clean-up periods. Take a look at Snow Emergency, Off-Street Parking on School Playgrounds List. Call the Department of Public Works Information Center at (414) 286-8282 during regular business hours for the location of a playground nearest your home.

Meeting Schedule

The Crime & Safety Meetings are held the last Thursday of each month.

The next meeting: Thursday, January 31, 2012 at 6:00pm at District #3. 

Crime Trends, Updates & New Releases


How to Maintain A Secure Home

District Three has recently been experiencing an increasing trend of burglaries in its surrounding neighborhoods. Please click here to view a Community Bulletin offering tips on "How To Maintain A Secure Home".

Vehicle Theft Prevention

District Three has recently been experiencing an increasing trend of motor vehicle theft and theft from autos in its surrounding neighborhoods. Please click on the links below for more information.

MPD Home Page

News Releases and Public Relations

District Three Area Crime Map

Milwaukee's Most Wanted

Community Partners

Martin Drive Neighborhood Association The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood (Association), through programs and projects, will embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, resulting in a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!

Martin Drive Trolley News

Avenues West Association Located just west of downtown, Avenues West serves a densely populated urban neighborhood. The 90 square blocks of the Avenues West neighborhood offer recreation, business, education and varied living opportunities to almost 30,000 people on a daily basis. Avenues West is bounded by I-43 on the east, 27th Street on the west, I-94 on the south and Highland Avenue on the north.

Cold Spring Park Neighborhood Association Establish CSP as a safe, fun & nurturing neighborhood to live, work, raise a family and attend school.

"Preserving the past, while investing in the future."

Historic Concordia Neighbors, Inc Welcome to Milwaukee’s Historic Concordia neighborhood. This area’s rich history dates back to 1850 when settlers created large estates on what was then the Watertown Plank Road. Since then, this early Milwaukee suburb has attracted the rich and powerful of the Victorian Era who built spectacular homes and mansions. Most of these homes have survived over a hundred years intact. Today it is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood of caring individuals.

Marquette University Excellence. Faith.Leadership. Service. These are the pillars of our mission, and you will find them in everything we do.

Be The Difference

Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc For the past 10 years, MVP and its partners have been working to redevelop the Valley. The results to date are transformative and catalytic. The revitalization of the MenomoneeValley in the past decade has earned Milwaukee the reputation of a national leader in sustainable urban redevelopment.

Sherman Park is a community on the move. It is awake, vital, and eagerly pursuing the American Dream of a better life. Take a closer look at what Sherman Park has to offer. It's a vibrant heritage with a focus on the future - a tomorrow filled with amenities and opprtunites for all.

Story Hill Neighborhood is one of the newer neighborhoods defined by the river.  Perched on a bluff overlooking Miller Park, Story Hill lies at the geographic center of Milwaukee County; access in any direction is effortless.  But the neighborhood is anything but a crossroads.  Shaped by the valley throughout its history, Story Hill is a neighborhood that stands apart.

Uptown Crossing neighborhood Association is a brand new sub-neighborhood association of the larger Sherman Park Community Association in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Our goal is to help organize our little corner of Sherman Park to better meet the needs of our area as well as the larger association.

Washington Heights Neighborhood Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life, sense of community, and pride in our urban neighborhood.


Walnut Way Conservation Corp "Our mission is to sustain economically diverse and abundant communities through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity."

Johnson Park Neighborhood Association was created as a result of the City of Milwaukee’s neighborhood revitalization program. We believe in creating and promoting a safe and friendly neighborhood. We will be proactive in improving the quality of life for all residents.

Valley Park Civic Assosiation (Piggsville) is an honest, straightforward community. It's not too complicated, but it has a rich tradition and strong sense of identity. Its river, its railroad, its houses, and above all, its people make it one of a kind in Milwaukee.

51st Street Block Watch Welcome to the 2100 block of N. 51st Street, located in the historic Washington Heights Neighborhood. Our block watch started in early June 2010, as a way to connect with our neighbors and make our community a safe place to live.

Bluemound Heights is a residential area situated on the west side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The tree-lined streets are dotted with mostly single-family homes owned by young couples starting their families as well as long-time residents, many who have lived in Bluemound Heights their entire life. Located in Police District 3, neighbors work with district crime prevention officers to take a proactive approach to safety, as well as working with our elected representatives to maintain a high quality of life.

Merrill Park Neighborhood Association
South Oak Park Court Neighborhood Watch 

Community Bulletins

 District Three and the Faith Based Community

Community Outreach Program

The Milwaukee Police Department (District 3), with direction from last year's Ceasefire Summit, believe we've found an ideal way for our faith based organizations to become more directly involved with the community we both serve. After many hours of planning, we realized that the most reasonable avenue to address the issues and concerns which hamper our community, is at the ground level. This would begin with our community schools, which have direct non-feathered contact with youth. The goal is to have our representatives (Community Outreach Specialists) work within confines of the schools to mentor and provide direction and insight into what is expected of members of our community. The mission of this effort, as previously stated, is to provide moral and spirtiual guidance to the youth of our community. This shall be done with the help of clergy members, professionals and other community leaders volunteering their time.


Community Outreach Program kickoff at North Division High School

Law Enforcement Explorers

Are you (or someone you know) age 14 to 19 and interested in a career in Law Enforcement? If so, then becoming a Law Enforcement Explorer may be the thing to do!!

Law Enforcement Explorers are a branch of the Boy Scouts of America, and as such, are coordinated in part as a coeducational unit. Law Enforcement Explorers are “EXPLORING” a career in law enforcement. This program is community based and it reaches out to youth in all parts of the city.

District Three's Law Enforcement Explorer Post 883 webpage.

Submit A Tip to Milwaukee Police

If you see a crime in progress or need to report an emergency, please call 911.

MPD crime tip services are for non-emergency investigative information only and will not generate a radio call or summon the police to your location.

Help for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure 

Do you think you might lose your home? You are not alone. Get the help you need at the on:

For questions or to jump start the process of getting help,call the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council at 414-921-1090.

The City of Milwaukee is committed to helping our neighborhoods remain healthy for generations to come. We are coordinating with various organizations, government agencies and private lenders and reaching out to homeowners facing foreclosure.



Shunta Boston-Smith

Phone: 414-935-7230

District Numbers 

General Information - 414-935-7233

Captain's Office - 414-935-7230

Lieutenant's Office - 414-935-7231

Desk Sergeant's Office - 414-935-7232

Patrol Sergeant's Office - 414-935-7237

Community Liaison Office Day Shift 
Early Shift

Non Emergency Number - 933-4444

Emergency Number - 911