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Reporting Nuisance Activity


Hot Spot Form

Report nuisance activity in your neighborhood to the District 7 Community Prosecution Unit with this form. Properties with issues that only fall under the "Environmental" column of the form should be directed to DNS or DPW.



Report problems in your neighborhood to City Services through E-Notify. This service may also be used to receive notices about new developments in the City of Milwaukee. Notices may include news releases, meeting notices and agendas, police notifications of crime in your area, etc.


Anti-Graffiti Hotline (Email)

Citizens are encouraged to call (414) 286-8715 to report graffiti. For more information on graffiti removal and Milwaukee's Anti-Graffiti efforts, visit the DNS webpage.

Nuisance Information


80-10 Nuisance Ordinance

Milwaukee's nuisance ordinance. Additional city ordinances may be accessed through the City Clerk's Office webpage.


City of Milwaukee Chronic Nuisance Code Brochure

A brief brochure, outlining the 80-10 nuisance code, what concerned neighbors can do, and actions a property owner can take, if they are contacted by MPD about nuisance activity on their own property 

Requirements for Junk Collector Vehicles

Helpful tips from the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services regarding junk collectors and the regulation of them.

Environmental Health and Nuisance Control

Breakdown of common problems that are related to the use of land or a building that may impact the health of neighbors and the community. Includes animal control, pest control, garbage, and nuisance vehicles. The Department of Neighborhood Services also provides brochures about certain nuisance activites, including but not limited to noise complaints, litter, and nuisance vehicles.


"So You've Got a Problem Tavern?" Brochure

How to handle a problem tavern in your neighborhood. Information also available on the City Clerk's Office webpage

Landlord Resources


Landlord Training Program

A Department of Neighborhood Services program that teaches landlords fundamental ways to keep illegal activity out of their property. Free classes are held year-round at various locations on evenings and weekends. Attendees get a 100-page manual and handouts on legal and business issues related to managing a property. This website has a wealth of information for tenants and property owners alike.



Public records of the circuit courts of Wisconsin


Municipal Court Records

Case information for Milwaukee's Municipal Court, which handles cases involving ordinance violations

Neighborhood Organizations

The following groups are active and working to mobilize residents in District 7. For more information on how you can be involved in your area, visit our Community Involvement page.