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As many as four million women in this country suffer from some kind of violence at the hands of a spouse or significant other each year.  Likewise, a large yet under-reported number of men are known to be victims of violence perpetrated by a spouse or significant other.  Very few will tell anyone... (click here for more information)

(Click HERE to view a short media montage designed by SERVE Marketing, Inc. of Milwaukee, meant to bring about awareness of domestic violence in our community.)

In a collaborative effort with its community partners, District 7 continues to explore a variety of proactive policing initiatives focused toward breaking the cycle of violence that many families experience on a daily basis.  One of the primary goals of the initiative is to identify prolific victims of domestic violence, and address root causes of violent behaviors within individuals and families, hopefully before the next violent incident may occur. 

Currently, District 7 works daily in partnership with the following Domestic Violence Advocacy Organizations to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Proactive Policing Domestic Violence Initiative:

  ASHA FAMILY SERVICES, INC. - Phone: (414) 875-1511


  SOJOURNER FAMILY PEACE CENTER- Phone: (414) 933-2722  


  MILWAUKEE WOMEN'S CENTER - Phone: (414) 449-4777

For more information on Domestic Violence and many resources available for victims and families, please contact District 7 at 935-7553, or connect with any of the above listed partners by phone or by clicking the above agency to access their respective websites.