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Welcome to District Seven

"You've got crime, we've got a plan. Let's take action together."

Crime and Safety Meeting

District 7 holds its monthly Crime and Safety meeting on the third Monday of every month. Please continue to check this website for updates from our Crime and Safety Meetings.

Note: There is NO Crime & Safety Meeting scheduled for the month of December 2013:

District 7 Crime & Safety Meetings are scheduled for the third (3rd) Mondays of each month (January - November), from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. In an effort to make our meetings more accessible to most citizens within the district, our meeting locations rotate regularly between the four sectors of the district. Please check back in December, 2013 to view our 2014 Meeting locations.

- Locations Pending -

What's New

In November of 2012, our very own District 7 Community Prosecution Unit (CPU) was featured by Fox 6 News.  Watch a day's work with the hardworking officers that make up this unit. The CPU works in areas of nuisance abatement, law enforcement intelligence sharing, targeted investigations of major violators, crime prevention, and district-level case review. 

Our team members may be contacted by phone at: 414-935-7278, or by email at:

Making Connections That "Stick"

As summer quickly approaches, District 7 personnel are making the rounds and making strong connections with the community. Here's a great example of the important relationships that our officers are building with community youth. These friendly bicycle officers proudly wear their "Hello Kitty" tattoos given to them by young residents during the recent Hawk Eyes Block Watch Club block party.

Sausage Arrest!

Things got a little out of hand between “Brat (a.k.a. Bratwurst)” and “Chorizo” of “The Famous Racing Sausages TM”, at the North Central Little League Home Opener Kickoff on Saturday, April 27th 2013, at Milwaukee’s Columbus Park in District 7. 

Early reports indicate that a minor dispute erupted between the two sausages over who could run the bases fastest. Witnesses state that at one point, the argument began to escalate to such a point that “Brat” began to repeatedly exclaim “sausage arrest, sausage arrest!” and then began to take “Chorizo” into custody, while dragging him toward a nearby Milwaukee Police Department squad car. 

It’s believed that the situation was professionally diffused by two alert Milwaukee Police Officers from District 7, when they explained to “Brat” that he has no authority to make an arrest… in addition to the fact that there’s no way to fit Chorizo’s hat into the back of the squad car (see photo).  

Both sausages were ultimately advised to handle their disputes on the race track, and the incident ended peacefully. However, as the parties were separated, several witnesses state that they overheard Brat repeatedly tell Chorizo, “This isn’t over!”

For the sake of maintaining peace and order for all citizens that hope to enjoy Columbus Park this summer, District 7 officers look forward to working with nearby neighbors to address disorderly activity and other quality of life issues.

Junk Collector Resources

Thinking about setting up a business as a junk collector? Learn the rules and regulations before you begin. Find out what activities are regulated and what forms are needed to start work in this business. Be sure to check with the property owner if the building or property is leased. (See forms for Home Occupation and Owner's Consent Form if operating out of a residence.) Click here to view an informational brochure regarding junk collectors.


To Call For Police

Calling for police service can sometimes become frustrating for citizens.  One important way to relieve some of the frustration is to gain a better understanding of when and how to call police, and to gain insight into what to expect when speaking with a telecommunicator or district personnel. 

Please understand that you will be asked a variety of questions that help us to gain better understanding of the nature of your call, as well as to assist us in providing the proper response to your service call, particularly so that officers responding can have the advantage of as much information as possible, for their safety and for the safety of all involved.  While you are being asked questions, the information is simultaneously being entered into our systems, which aids in our providing as rapid a response as may be required under the circumstances. 

Please click HERE to learn more about when and how to call for service.  We encourage you to print the files provided, and leave them near your phone and inside your vehicle. 

Please click HERE and HERE to learn how to give valuable descriptions of suspects and more.

We appreciate your willingness to help us help you!


To Submit a Crime Tip Online


Submit A Tip Online to Milwaukee Police


If you see a crime in progress or need to report an emergency, please call 911.

MPD crime tip services are for non-emergency investigative information only and will not generate a radio call or summon the police to your location.


Homeland Security Begins with Hometown Security

If you SEE something SAY something. Did you see something suspicious on your way to the game?  Then say something to the authorities to make it right. Report suspicious activity. Call local law enforcement.

If you see something suspicious taking place then report that behavior or activity to local law enforcement, or in the case of emergency, call 9-1-1. Factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation alone are not suspicious. For that reason, the public should report only suspicious behavior and situations (e.g., an unattended backpack in a public place or someone trying to break into a restricted area) rather than beliefs, thoughts, ideas, expressions, associations, or speech unrelated to terrorism or other criminal activity. Only reports that document behavior reasonably indicative of criminal activity related to terrorism will be shared with federal partners.

Listen to these 30 second “If You See Something, Say Something ™” campaign audio-files regarding alert citizens reporting suspicious activity observed at a SHOPPING MALL or a SPORTING EVENT.

DHS is working to expand “If You See Something, Say Something ™” throughout the country by partnering with a variety of entities including: transportation systems, universities, states, cities, sports leagues and local law enforcement. If you’re interested in getting your group involved please contact 202-282-8010.

Report Suspicious Activity to Local Law Enforcement or Call 9-1-1.  

For more information on the national “If You See Something, Say Something ™” campaign, click HERE.


Curious About Weekly Crime Activity in Your Neighborhood?    


Effective Crime Prevention is not a spectator sport.  Citizens need to be continually engaged in using fundamental, proven crime prevention practices that have been developed to protect personal property and personal safety.  An important  first step in that process is being well informed on exactly what crime has occurred, where the crime has occurred, when crime has occurred, and who is committing the crime in your neighborhood. 

Each day on five separate shifts, Milwaukee Police Officers at District 7 are regularly informed of exactly those things; the recent what, where, when, and whom of criminal activity throughout the district.  These crime maps are updated weekly.

We invite you into our daily roll calls by sharing these detailed crime maps with you.  We encourage you to use this information as a valuable tool to be informed, as well as to understand how you can help reduce crime by forming a Block Watch Club on your block.  For more information, or to share crime information with our officers, email us at:  or call: 935-7278 

You may also gain a much better perspective on overall crime in District 7 by attending or monthly Crime & Safety Meetings.  Click HERE for more information.

View the Most Recent District 7 Police Officer's Daily Roll Call Crime Maps Below


7-Day and 21-Day Crime Maps (Pending) HERE


Weekend Crime ( Pending ) HERE


Studies have shown that neighborhoods that establish and maintain strong, effective Block Watch Clubs or Neighborhood Watch Groups, generally experience significantly less incidents of crime.  To learn how to establish or become part of an existing Block Watch Club or Neighborhood Watch Group, clickHERE.



You may also receive email notification of crime activity in your neighborhood, or any area of Milwaukee, by signing up for "E-Notify."  Using "E-Notify" allows the crime information to come directly to you via email.  To sign up for the City of Milwaukee's E-Notify service, click HERE.


More City-Wide Crime Statistics Information 

Get crime statistics for neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee. Being informed about crime in your community is the first step in preventing future occurrences.

The Milwaukee Police District Statistics Web site provides access to a wide variety of information for each of the 7 police districts in the city. For each police district, you can view a summary of housing, criminal, census data, public safety and health information.

If you want more detailed block-level information, check out the Commmunity Mapping and Analysis for Safety Strategies or COMPASS web site, which offers interactive GIS Mapping and the ability to zoom in to any neighborhood in Milwaukee.


Garage Burglary Prevention Tips

There have been an increases in the similar types of garage burglaries in District Seven. For many of our residents, the garage access is thru an alley, rather than a driveway. Garages that abut an alley generally make an easier target for criminals because cars can freely pull up to them, alleys are not as well lit as streets, and there is typically a significant walking distance between the garage and the house. Just like your house, there are many valuable items in your garage that thieves want. Here are some of our most proven crime prevention tips for your garage. More information...


Join the Block Watch Council

Several years ago, a collective of active block watch captains formed a Block Watch Captain’s Council to promote and encourage citizen participation in a variety of crime prevention activities. There are still some areas of District 7 that do not have any representation on the Block Watch Captain's Council. Find out how you can get involved.  More information...



Have a Heart! Become an Auxiliary Officer

District 7 is looking for Auxiliary Officers. Auxiliaries play a vital role within the Milwaukee Police Department. This is a volunteer position. You will not have arrest powers or be authorized to carry a firearm during times when you are actively serving in volunteer duty as a Police Auxiliary Officer. However, auxiliaries do receive 40 hours of training in crowd and traffic control, city ordinances, first aid, etc. The Milwaukee Police Department pays for police auxiliary uniforms.

The application process starts by attending a Police Auxiliary District Meeting. At that time you will meet other auxiliaries, as well as the district Police Auxiliary Officer Coordinator.  Historically, the police auxiliary officer meetings have generally be held the second Monday of the month at 6PM at District 7 (please park in the employee parking lot directly northwest of the building), though we are currently reorganizing our District 7 Auxiliary Officer Program. Please stand by for forthcoming information regarding our 2013 Police Auxiliary Officer Program.

For more information, please contact our Proactive Policing Response Team at 414-935-7278, or email us us at: 


Crime Prevention Tips of the Month

Is your Block Watch Club just a "social club?"

Measure the effectiveness of your Block Watch Club.  Effective Block Watch Clubs understand each of the steps in the "ABCs" of Block Watch (CLICK HERE).  These three simple steps are the most important things that every member of the Block Watch Club should be familiar with, and commit to actively doing when suspicious or criminal activity is observed.

Consider leaving the radio or television on when out for the evening, to give criminals the impression that your home is occupied.  When on vacation or out of town, consider the use of timers for lights, as well as radios or televisions, and be sure to have your mail and/or newspaper delivery stopped until you return.

Past Articles

  • Operation I.D.

Crime prevention program that helps law enforcement identify your property if it gets stolen

View the City of Milwaukee Health Department's recommended practices on creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Wisconsin's new carbon monoxide detector law went into effect on February 1, 2011.

Community Prosecution Unit Contacts

Community Prosecution Units (CPUs) exist in all seven police districts across the City of Milwaukee. Each unit consists of, but is not limited to, an assistant district attorney located directly in the district, support staff, and several police officers. These teams  use long-term, proactive collaboration amongst multiple interested parties to solve problems, improve public safety, and enhance the quality of life for community members. Partners include the prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, public and private organizations, community and faith-based organizations, and the community at large. The CPU works in areas of nuisance abatement, law enforcement intelligence sharing, targeted investigations of major violators, crime prevention, and district-level case review.

Community Prosecution Unit Assistant District Attorney:  ADA Joy Hammond  

Phone: 935-7724     Email:

Proactive Policing Response Team:

Phone: 935-7278    Email:

Click here to download a full contact guide for District 7


Captain Jutiki C. Jackson


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