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DNS Offers Graffiti Removal Kits

Why pay big bucks to deal with nuisance graffiti when you can do-it-yourself, with a little help from the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services?

DNS is offering reduced-price graffiti removal sample kits, valued at $35, for the low price of $15. The kits include sensitive surface graffiti remover, Feltpen Fadeout, Bare Brick stone and masonry graffiti remover, a graffiti Safewipes citizen’s pack, a spray bottle, goggles, a paint brush, plastic gloves, a terry towel, a DVD training video on graffiti removal methods and a convenient bucket to hold it all.

To order your kit, contact Herlyn Roberson at 286-3326 or Angela Ferrill at 286-5938. Residents can pay with checks made out to the City of Milwaukee. For more technical advice on graffiti removal, visit the National Ace Hardware at N. 4th St. and W. McKinley Ave. (278-3800).