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Support for Business Program


Dear Milwaukee Business Owner:

In 2010 the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) launched the "Support for Business Program" to help minimize the impact of the numerous paving and bridge projects that were funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) program. Because of the success experienced during these ARRA funded projects; we are now extending the use of the "Support for Business Program" to projects that are a part of our annual capital improvements program. DPW oversees nearly $50 million of roadwork annually, much of which occurs along major arterials and within commercial districts, thus making it critical for us to continue with a supporting role and build upon our successes in helping businesses thrive while we make improvements to the City’s infrastructure.

The centerpiece of the "Support for Business" program is a team of community liaisons, who during the past construction seasons facilitated several meetings between business owners, contractors, and DPW staff. They also met with the businesses one on one. The liaisons provided timely information updates via emails and newsletters and, more importantly, they served as advocates for the businesses to find solutions for problems caused by the construction.

Some of the solutions the communities liaisons have provided in the past include: finding off street temporary parking on vacant land, temporarily changing the parking restrictions, and making sure signage was placed so the public was aware that businesses were open.

The "Support for Business Program" incorporates the best practices from around the country. The Program is designed to help businesses before and during construction so that they can ultimately benefit from the public improvement for years to come. The City of Milwaukee will continue to use this program to ensure the viability and success of businesses during the construction season.


Mayor Tom Barrett
City of Milwaukee

Ghassan Korban, Commissioner
Department of Public Works