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1.5% Wage Increase

On July 23rd the Common Council approved a proposal from Mayor Tom Barrett to implement a general wage increase of 1.5% for eligible non-represented City employees and the following certified labor unions:

  • Fire Equipment Dispatchers, Local #494
  • Local #494 IBEW DPW Electrical Group
  • Local #195 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • Plumbers Local 75
  • Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Association of Allied Services Personnel – Police Support Services Personnel*
    * Different wage increase terms can be found in the labor agreement.

This wage increase is effective Pay Period 14 of 2013 (June 23rd) and only applies to employees who are residents of the City of Milwaukee. Employees who establish residency outside the City of Milwaukee on or after June 23rd will no longer be eligible for this wage increase effective the date of the change in status.

Please note that the wage increase does not apply to employees in the classifications of Election Inspector, Chief Inspector, and Municipal Court Commissioner; employees represented by the MPSO, MPA, and Local 215; members of Boards and Commissions unless otherwise authorized by a footnote (Section X of the Salary Ordinance); Elected Officials (Section XI of the Salary Ordinance); and employees of the Employees’ Retirement System whose compensation is determined by the Executive Director and/or the Annuity and Pension Board.

In addition, the Council has approved a lump-sum, non-pensionable, non-base building payment of 1.5% of wages earned between PP 2 and PP 13 of 2013 for eligible general city employees and employees in the aforementioned labor groups. The specific details of this payment, including specific provisions for members of ALEASP, can be found in Part II, Section 2b, of the Salary Ordinance. In general, this payment will be based upon an employee’s wages earned during a period of continuous City of Milwaukee residency commencing on or after PP 2 through PP 13 of 2013. Eligibility for this payment will also be contingent upon the eligible employees’ continued City of Milwaukee residency through the end of PP 26 of 2013. It is anticipated that this payment will be issued in February of 2014.