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2017 - March

Breathing for Relaxation or Energy; The Little Voice In Our Heads; Build Assertiveness; A Manager's Guide to Organizational Change; How to Give Difficult Advice

2016 - December

Keep Calm and Holiday On; How to Take the Joy Out of the Holidays; The Gift of Laughter; Alone on the Holidays; The Winter Blues; The Holidays Sober; Last Minute Give Ideas

2016 - September

Communicating with Your Child's Teacher; Take Note: The Benefits of Music; Improve Your Memory; Body Language in the Workplace; Tips for Maintaining Sobriety; The Platinum Rule

2016 - June

Take A Hike: The Outdoors and Mental Health; Coaching Employees; Employee Coaching Worksheet; Heroin: An Overview; Gardening: Good for Mind and Body; The Art of Negotiating

2015 - September

Are You Obsessing?; Mentally Strong; Your Child's First Year in College; I'm Sorry, So Why are You Still Angry?; Dealing with A Personal Crisis at Work

2015 - June

Summer, Milwaukee and Booze; Talking to Your Parent About Long Term Care; Three Ways to Keep Depression at Bay; Psychological Contract and Work Satisfaction; Kindness is Contagious; Tips for Renters

2015 - March

Respect in the Workplace; Communicating with Your Partner/Spouse; Causes of Alcohol/Substance Relapse; Change, Accept, or Let Go; Forgiveness; When to Get Help; Operation: Stronger Together

2014 - December

Holiday Rudeness?!; Grief and Loss During the Holidays; The Holiday Spending Creep; Creating the Holiday Spirit; Drug Abuse Screen Test; Mindfulness During the Holidays; Sobriety During the Holidays

2014 - September

Job Burnout; Co-Parenting for Divorced/Separated Parents; What I Need from my Mom and Dad; What Happens after an OWI Conviction?; Drinking and Driving/Drive Sober App; Shift Work and Sleep; How is Your Sleep?

2014 - June

Anger Mangement; Resolving Employee Conflicts; Conflict Resolution Tips; Making A Change?; Mental Health Stigma; Alcohol and Depression; How to Say "No"

2014 - March

How to Lose Your Best Employees; What is Your Emotional Resiliency?; Exercise Beyond Fitness; Sandwich Generation; Foreclosure Risk

2013 - December

Shopping and Stress; Assertiveness; Energy Assistance; Legal Tips; Recovery; Working in Teams

2013 - September

Back to School Talk; Poor Job Satisfaction?; Decision Making; Trust in the Workplace; Opiates and Pain Killers; Wellness

2013 - June

Mental Health Apps; What is Your Emotional Intelligence (EI)?; How to Improve Your EI; Managing Morale; Financial Tips, Information and Education; Collaborative Divorce?

2013 - March

How to Build Rapport; Characteristics of A Lasting Relationship; Quick Fixes to Manage Anxiety; Postpartum Depression; Responding to Criticism at Work; Tips for Relapse Prevention; Being Harassed by Debt Collectors?

2012 - December

Gratitude during the Holidays; Crunch Time? - Manage your effort and TIme in 6 Steps; Surviving the Holidays with A Mental Illness; PERMA for Well-being and Happiness; Work To-Do Lists made Easier; Alcohol Recovery During the Holidays; Divorce, Children and the Holidays

2012 - September

Bully Proof Your Child; How to Pay Off Multiple Credit Cards; After a Depression/BiPolar Diagnosis; What is Professionalism?; 22 Stress Relieving Activities; What Happens at A 12-Step Meeting

2012 - June

Put on Your Thinking Hats!; 5 Credit Card Tips; Couples 101; What are Support Groups?; Exercise and Substance/Alcohol Use; Reintegrating the Military Veteran

2012 - March

Building Team Accountability; Fears and Facts about Counseling; How to Influence at Work; More Money Saving Tips; Adolescent Mental Health; Coping with Cravings; Improve your Level of Happiness

2011 - December

New Year's Resolution; Healthy Eating during the Holidays; What is Credit Counseling?; Parenting in Tough Economic times; Grief during the Holidays; Prescription Drug Use

2011 - September

Caring for an Elder; Stress Busting Tips; Bankruptcy Attorney; Diet Myths; Back to School Anxiety; Stages of Addiction

2011 - June

Coping with Chronic Pain; Less Painful Ways to Save Money; Legal Tips; Diet Myth; Workplace Bullying; Time Management; Family Member Drinking

2011 - March

What is Bipolar DIsorder?; How to Stand Out at Work; Diet Myths Debunked; Parenting Styles...Which One is Best?; Resolving Differences in Parenting; Quick Utility/Energy Money Savers; Addicted?

2010 - December

Depression; Practical Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress; You are What You Eat; Every Day Exercise; Diet Myth; Creating a Personal Budget; Avoiding Overdraft Fees; Credit Question and Answer; Wellness; Substance Abuse Myths

2010 - September

20 Ways to Use Your EAP; 10 Communication Building Skills; Conflict Resolution; Diet Myths; Managing Anxiety; Tips on Talking to Kids; 12 Gasoline Saving Tips

2017 - June

Breathing for Relaxation or Energy; The Little Voice in Our Heads; Build Assertiveness; A Manager's Guide to Organizational Change; Change Questions; How to Give Difficult Advice

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Cris Zamora
Employee Assistance & Resource Coordinator
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  • After-hour emergencies are directed to the County Crisis Unit at (414) 257-7222.
  • United Health Care members: For immediate after-hours mental health/counseling referrals contact Care24Hotline: 1-800-942-4746; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Child Abuse: Call (414) 220-7233 to report physical, sexual, emotional or neglect cases. Calls can be made anonymously.
  • Adults who are victims: Call adult protection (414) 289-6660 to report a vulnerable adult who is dependent on others for care or incompetent, who is at risk for neglect or abuse.

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