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Condemnation Section Bid Solicitation

The City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services is requesting bids for the following demolition project. Any contractor submitting a bid for this project must have signed a receipt that a copy of the Demolition and Site Clearance General Specifications has been received. Any contractor who has not been awarded a contract with the City of Milwaukee in the previous calendar year must complete a statement of bidder's qualifications. Please call 414-286-2503 for further information.

An approved certificate of liability insurance and performance bond must be on file in this office prior to award of the contract. Please call 414-286-2557 for further information on bond and liability insurance requirements.


Open and Recent Demo Bids

Asset Salvage & Salvage Marketing Proposal 

3-26-15 Bid Package Questions and Answers

The following properties will be included in the Friday, June 6th open house:

  • 3774 S. 27th St. (trailer park, scrap metal)
  • 2138 N. 38th St. (duplex salvage)
  • 3229 N. 28th St. (duplex salvage, fire damaged)
  • 2411 W. Capitol Dr. (commercial building salvage)

The Open House will run from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Please meet 3774 S. 27th St. by 9:00 a.m. Each property will be visited with inspectors who will be able to answer your questions. An Open House Itinerary can be found here.

(Additional properties may be added to this list prior to Friday)

         Attachment C - Board Up Standard
         Salvage Portfolio
         Sample Inventory & Material Valuation

On Tuesday, June 10, the City hosted a presentation by David Bennink of Re-Use Consulting of Seattle, WA. A Question and Answer session was held and those questions and answers can be found here: Salvage Q & A.


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