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Customer Information Topics and Applications

Below is a list of information sheets that are available in the Development Center. When viewing the information sheets, click on blue text to obtain further information about that topic.

Most of the information sheets are in Adobe PDF (they will therefore look the same as the information sheets available in the office). In order to view and print these documents, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 8.0 or higher) installed with your Web browser.


A   L
Accessibility analysis (information about ADA requirements)   Land division -- check status
Accessibility analysis/disproportionality worksheet   Land division -- certified survey map
Adult Family Homes (AFHs)   Land division -- application for certified survey map
Affidavit for zoning change   Land division -- subdivision creating 5 or more parcels.
Air or subterranean space lease petition   Land division -- application for subdivision creating 5 or more parcels.
Alleys and streets, application for vacation   Lead hazard reduction project permits.
Alleys and streets, vacating   License, requirement for home improvement contractors
Alterations, attic   Licensed concrete contractors
Alterations, basement   Licensed contractors
Alteration, commercial   Licensed electrical contractors
Alteration, residential   Licensed home improvement contractors
Applications   Licensed plumbing contractors,
Architect involvement in your project   Licenses -- businesses requiring a City license
Asbestos project permits   M
Asbestos project permit application   Masonry building cleaning  
Asbestos project worksheet   Masonry building cleaning permit application
Attic alterations or conversions   Masonry building cleaning worksheet
Automatic fire extinguishing system   Moving a building
B   N
Banner (vertical) display permit   Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone 
Basement alterations or conversions   Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone procedure
Block party information   Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone permits
Board of Zoning Appeals administrative information   Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone exception request
Board of Zoning Appeals denial letter   Noise, temporary variance permit
Board of Zoning Appeals overview   Noise, temporary variance permit application
Boiler, furnace, AC/refrigeration, power Piping   O
Building, moving   Occupancy certificate
Building code analysis form -- alterations   Occupancy certificate application
Building permit   Occupancy certificate, denial of -- what happens next?
Building permit checklist   Occupancy certificate status
Building permit renewal   Occupancy inspections
C   Occupying a building before it passes inspections
Certificate of appropriateness application   Out-of-program agreements
Certificate of compliance   Ownership change -- residential properties
Certificate of supervision form   P - Q
Certification of footings   Parking lot inquiry form
Certified survey map   Parking lots--new and additions
Certified survey map application   Parking meter hood request
City Plan Commission   Permit fees
City Plan Commission actions: check status   Plan examination application
Cleaning permits for exterior masonry   Plan examination fees
Commercial buildings -- alterations   Planned development, minor modification
Commercial buildings -- new construction and additions   Planned development, minor modification application
Community based residential facilities   Planned development project description and owner's statement of intent
Community Garden Permit Applications
Community living arrangements (CLAs)   Planned development submittal checklist: detailed plan development
Concrete contractors licensed by the city   Planned development submittal checklist: general plan development
Conditional Certificate of Occupancy before discretionary approval is obtained   Plumbing contractors licensed by the City
Conditional Certificate of Occupancy request   Plumbing permit affidavit-homeowner
Conditional permits before discretionary approval is obtained   Plumbing permit application
Conditional permit request   Plumbing plan examination application
Contractors, concrete, licensed   Plumbing plan examination fees
Contractors, electrical, licensed   Plumbing plan review
Contractors, licensed   Porches
Contractors, home improvement, licensed   PreDevelopment conferences
Contractors, home improvement, license requirement   Preliminary plan reviews
Contractors, plumbing, licensed   Property record maintenance charge
Conversions, attic   Property research resources
Conversions, basement   Public way fees
Conversion, duplex to single-family   Public way occupancy
Credit card authorization form   Public way permit application
D   R
Day care centers -- building code requirements   Ramps
Day care homes, family     Raze permit application
Decks    RED variance application
Deed restriction    Remodeling projects -- one and two family homes
Demolition     Renewing a building permit
Denial letter, Board of Zoning Appeals    Residential, alteration
Denial of occupancy certificate - what happens next?    Residential care centers
Design professional involvement     Residential rebuild provisions
Detailed plan development submittal checklist     Residential zoning code
Development incentive zones     Right-of-way vacation: check status
Development incentive zone application   Riverwalk projects
Draining roofs and yards    Riverwalk site plan review overlay districts
Driveway permit application     Roofs, draining
Dumpsters in the public way    S
Duplex conversion to single-family home     Schools -- building code requirements
E   Sewer release form
Electrical permit application   Sheds
Electrical contractors licensed by the City   Sidewalk cafes
Electrical Contractor License Revision Form    
ePermits    Signs
Erosion control certification   Signs, storefront
Erosion control check sheet     Site plan review overlay district application
Erosion control for home builders    Skywalks
Erosion control during construction    Special events Information
Excessive size, weight, load permit application     Special privileges
Existing building code analysis form    Spray booth
F   Sprinkler systems
Family day care homes    Stairs - 1 & 2 family homes
Family day care homes analysis form     Standards and Appeals Commission
Fence requirements -- residential     Statement of home occupation
Fence permit application    Storefront signage
Festival permit information     Storm water management plans
Fire detection and alarm system plan review    Streets and alleys, application for vacation
Fire extinguishing system, automatic    Streets and alleys, vacating
Fire protection plan examination application     Subdivision plats
Fire sprinkler plan review     Subterranean or air space lease petition
Flood plain information    Survey of property
Footing and foundation permits   Swimming pool construction & permit application
Footings, certification of    
Garage -- one and two-family homes    
Gas Piping Permit Application  
General plan development submittal checklist   T
Group foster homes   Telephone information -- Milwaukee Development Center
Group homes   Temporary event information
H   Temporary noise variance permit
Historic building occupancy   Transmission towers
Historic district designation application   Tunnels
Historic Preservation Commission   U
Historic property -- certificate of appropriateness   Urban design principles
Historic property -- certificate of appropriateness application form   Utility vaults
Historic site or structure designation application and instructions   V
Home-based occupation or business   Vacation: check status
Home improvement contractors license   Vacating streets and alleys
Home improvement contractors licensed by the City   Vacating streets and alleys application 
Home occupation, statement of    
Homes -- new construction and additions   W - Y
House numbers and address assignment   Water connection permits
HVAC permit application   Water: hydrant, bulk water and connection permit charges effective Dec 15th, 2014
HVAC permit fee schedule   Water: hydrant, bulk water and connection permit charges effective Dec 15th, 2015
HVAC plan review   Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit application
Hydrant permit charges effective Dec 15, 2014   Work in the public way
    Water service application
International Building Code worksheets    
K    Z
Kitchen ventilation system, commercial   Zoning change
    Zoning change affidavit
    Zoning change application
    Zoning change: check status
    Zoning ordinance


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