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Professional Associations Affiliated with DNS Inspectors

Building Inspectors Association Southeasten Wisconsin (BIASEW) - BIASEW Membership Form

The Building Inspectors Association of South East Wisconsin is an organization of over 150 building inspection officials and firms engaged in the construction industry.  Geographically we cover eleven counties and currently represent approximately forty five communities.  As a guide to providing a high level of service to the public our association is dedicated to the following:

  • Protection of the health and safety of the public.
  • Readily provide information, code direction and consultation to the public.
  • Establish good working relations throughout the construction process
  • Promote uniform administration, interpretation and enforcement of codes.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and ethical standards.
  • Collaboration in the development of National, State and local codes

We encourage the public, contractors and non members to get to know us by touring our site, contacting us or even coming to visit us at our next meeting. Our association enthusiastically encourages all code officials to join.  Membership in our association offers many benefits to you and your community.  The following are just a few examples.

Often our meetings will have a guest speaker and occasionally when it can be arranged we have site training.  These sessions often offer CEU credits towards your certifications as well as provide a valuable opportunity for your professional growth.  The costs of code books for you or your community are always an increasing burden.  Our association has arranged for group purchases which have greatly decreased the regular costs.  Occasionally books are provided, free as part of the training.  Members also receive discounts on the various training opportunities offered thru the association.  Networking with other professionals in your field strengthens your skills and helps to provide for continuity between communities.  We encourage comradery and to that end we arrange two or three social events each year; at a minimum or no cost to the members.  Sometimes these events are learning events as well.

Have you every experienced a problem you just weren’t sure how to handle or been subjected to that infamous contractor comment, “I never had to do that in MYTOWN”.  Well now you know the inspector in MYTOWN or at least know you can call him or over a hundred other sources to get the answer.  You are a professional; strengthen your skills and your community.  Join and participate today, you’re only a click away.

Membership Types 

  • Regular Member… shall be a certified building official, actively working as a paid building inspection professional for a governmental department.
  • Auxiliary Member… shall be an employed, certified governmental inspector such as an assistant building inspector or a certified inspector employed by an approved inspection agency
  • Associate Member… shall be a membership open to any person or firm engaged in a related construction field and not eligible for a regular or auxiliary membership.
  • Honorary Member… shall be a member who is a minimum of 55 years of age and who has retired from active duties as a building official

South West Wisconsin Building Inspectors Association (SWWBIA) - SWWBIA Membership Form

The Southwestern Wisconsin Building Inspectors Association (SWWBIA) is an organization of inspection officials from more than 18 counties dedicated to the advancement of the building inspection profession.

Eight dedicated inspectors formed SWWBIA on August 15, 1972. The objectives of the association, as defined by our by-laws, are to promote higher professional and ethical standards in the field of building inspection, establish and maintain a good working relationship with the building industry, promote the uniformity of building codes, promote uniform administration, interpretation and enforcement of building codes, and support the concept of uniform codes.

The Southwestern Wisconsin Building Inspectors Association meets on an average of six times per year in various areas around the southwestern part of Wisconsin. Each meeting offers great training opportunities and discussions regarding code issues and inspection. They also offer a great way to meet other inspectors around the area to talk about code issues, current practices and the building industry.

Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance (WCOA) - WCOA Membership Form

WCOA is the first state-wide organization in Wisconsin with a membership consisting of a broad-based group of Code Officials. WCOA was founded by a group of Code Officials who believed an improved system was needed to allow for effective communication between all disciplines of Code Officials in Wisconsin. These same individuals also realized that many Wisconsin Code Officials are not able to truly represent their position due to their jurisdictional affiliation or organizational membership structure. One important difference between WCOA and other organizations is that every “Active” member of WCOA votes and represents only himself/herself. WCOA also provides an opportunity for Code Officials from all governmental entities and private inspection agencies to have input. That is paramount to our mission which is stated as follows: “The mission of the Wisconsin Code Officials Alliance (WCOA) is to provide all Code Officials with a professional forum to advance quality and safety in the built environment, through active participation in code development and rule making processes.”


  • To promote the health, safety and welfare of people in matters related to the construction, alteration, use and maintenance of buildings and structures in the built environment.
  • To establish, develop and maintain working relationships through an alliance of code officials, with State and municipal officials, design professionals, building contractors and construction industry affiliates.
  • To encourage an exchange of ideas and information, and to encourage participation from a broad range of groups and individuals sharing an interest in the common application of statewide construction codes.
  • To provide a statewide forum for the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas concerning building safety and construction regulation.
  • To monitor the legislative affairs of the State and Federal Government and lead in the resolution of public policy issues on matters of importance to the regulatory industry.
  • To provide professional training programs to facilitate a better understanding of construction codes and standards, uniform enforcement practices and approved construction methods.
  • To advance the professionalism of code officials by asserting the influence of the organization upon the development, adoption, use, and efficient and effective enforcement of nationally recognized codes and standards.


Electrical Inspectors Association of Southeast Wisconsin (EIASEW) -

Purposes and Objectives: 
- To promote uniform administration, interpretation and enforcement of the National Electrical Code and Chapter Comm 16 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code
- To periodically review new materials, methods of construction, devices and equipment for adoption into the above mentioned codes.
- To educate, through seminars and training sessions, members of the entire electrical industry.

- To promote high professional and ethical standards in the field of electrical inspection.
- To establish and maintain a good working relationship with the electrical industry.
- To organize periodic educational and informational meetings.  


Plumbing Inspectors Society Southeastern Wisconsin Region Membership Form 2013 


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