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Welcome to DNS Property Data

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The City of Milwaukee recently upgraded its web security software.  As a result many computers with bookmarked pages may result in links to older or missing files. It is necessary to reset your links to the new files in order to avoid the error message of "Open Failed for Locked File."  Click Here for the suggested fix.

This is the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) property data from the Neighborhood Services System (NSS). It contains valuable information for people dealing with properties. Neighborhood organizations can learn about properties on their block. Rental property owners can verify tenant information by contacting owners quickly. Tenants or buyers can verify service requests and see if any violations exist at a property they are interested in.


We've tried to make this information as timely and accurate as possible. Due to processing delays and other variables beyond DNS control, this information should not be used for any official or legal purpose. If you require a certified copy of any information you see on this site, please send a written request to the Dept. of Neighborhood Services,  Attention: Open Records Request, 841 N. Broadway RM 105, Milwaukee, WI 53202. A contact phone number should be included if we have questions about your request.

The NSS contains computer records on file with the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services. Other structure specific information (like assessment, year built, number of rooms, etc.) is available at the Assessor's Website. Current and past tax bill information is available at the City Treasurer's Web Site.

Ownerships of unrecorded property may not be listed. See Recording Requirements to learn about who has to record. If you have never looked up data using NSS, start here to learn more.


Learn How to use the information in NSS to find owners and look up code violations.

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One-Click Interface: Assessor-Treasurer-DNS-Election Commission

Does the City have a Survey of My property? 

Last update 08/12/2016