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Department of Neighborhood Services


841 N. Broadway 10th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 286-3361

Welcome to Plumbing Inspection

What do we inspect?
Outside we inspect all storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water services, well and private sewerage systems. Inside the building or structure we inspect; storm and sanitary building drains, waste and vent piping, water distribution piping, plumbing fixtures, equipment and appliances.

Why we inspect!
Sewers, drains and waste piping are checked for proper grading to maintain downward flow. The plumbing system is tested for leaks. We check that the material used in the plumbing system is approved by a recognized testing lab. We prohibit cross connections between safe water and water from a questionable source and prohibit the discharge of hazardous waste to the sewer system. We also check the vent pipes to balance the pressure in the plumbing system.

Who else do we work with?
The plumbing inspection staff works closely with the plumbing permit clerk, the plumbing plan examiners, the Metropolitan Sewerage District, Sewer Engineering, Water Department, Dept. of Public Works, and the Health Department. The following is a list of the office and inspection staff of the Plumbing, Cross Connection, and Sprinkler Sections. It also includes the Plumbing Permit Clerk and the Plumbing Plan Examiners.


Richard Paur 286-2512 Trades Manager
Hal Jenkins 286-8221 Cross Connection Supervisor
  286-8219 Plumbing Supervisor
Collette Adolfson 286-3365 Clerical
Mary Stevenson 286-8245 Clerical
Burgess McMillian 286-3116 Plumbing Plan Examiner
Chris Krowski 286-2596 Plumbing Plan Examiner
Kevin Kautza 286-8218 Plumbing Inspector
William Kirby 286-3355 Plumbing Inspector
Burgess McMillian 286-3376 Plumbing Inspector
David Polk 286-2559 Plumbing Inspector
Bruce Sorensen 286-3325 Plumbing Inspector
Brian C. Vincent 286-8219 Plumbing Inspector
James Winterhalter 286-8224 Plumbing Inspector
Jim Kosmatka  286-3356 Cross Connection Inspector
Paul Savoie  286-8257 Cross Connection Inspector
David Mattox  286-8262 Cross Connection Inspector
Jeff Wroblewski  286-8237 Cross Connection Inspector
Zenon Castillo 286-3376 Sprinkler Inspector
Brian Kerlin 286-2597 Sprinkler Inspector
DuWayne Hayes 286-2598 Sprinkler Inspector
Joe Woodworth 286-8205 Sprinkler Inspector





















The City of Milwaukee through ordinances adopts the State of Wisconsin Plumbing Code.

Click here for a copy of the City of Milwaukee Ordiance.
Click here for a copy of the State of Wisconsin Plumbing Code SPS 381 - SPS SPS 387. (<-note you must scroll down to applicable provisions)

All plumbing work in the City of Milwaukee must be done with a permit obtained from the Department of City Development's Development Center (414-286-8211). The person applying for the permit has to hold one or more of the following credentials: Master Plumber, Master Plumber Restricted - Service, Master Plumber Restricted - Appliance, or Utility Contractor who has a plumber's performance bond and certificate of liability insurance filed with the City Attorney except for state statues allow an owner of a one-family building owned and occupied by him or her can also apply for a plumbing permit for the remodeling or alteration work done inside of the building.

Once a plumbing permit is issued, work can begin and will be inspected as the job progresses. The contractor or the homeowner calls the Plumbing Inspection Section for an inspection. Because of open ditches or tests, inspections by the inspector are performed the same day if the inspection is called in before 9:00 AM for morning inspections or 12:40 PM for afternoon inspections.


The following documents can help you with a number of common plumbing problems. The following is a chart of the plumbing system of a single family home from the city mains throughout the building. The water piping and water heater are not included. In certain parts of Milwaukee, the storm sewer and sanitary sewer is combined. This shows a separated system.


This is a diagram of common sources of basement leakage. This includes problems with the storm sewer system, the drain-tile system, and backfill in and around the house, which all create problems with damp basement floors or walls.


This is a diagram of a sink and how it should be properly mounted.


Cross Connection Manual V1.pdf (Size 32MB)

(Some browsers will not be able to open this document. RIGHT-CLICK on the file name and select SAVE-AS and view off-line with Acrobat reader.)

Learn about Cross Connections and Backflow problems.
(DNS-124 Cross Connection and Backflow.pdf)

Cross Connection Power Point presentation.ppt (Size 7.8MB)

Forms for Plumbing Contractors Link
Applications for Performance Bond and Certificate of Insurance for contractors doing work under permit in the City of Milwaukee.

How to legally disconnect your downspouts
The City of Milwaukee in cooperation with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District is encouraging residents to divert storm water from the sanitary sewer system. Find out more how you can help! Click Here -> How to disconnect your downspouts!

New Help for Backflow Installations!

Flood Cleanup Tips



Last update 08/19/2016