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Licensed Contractors

Electrical, plumbing and home improvement contractors must be licensed in order to take out permits for work on properties in the City of Milwaukee. Home improvement contractors also must be licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Use the links on this page to check whether a particular contractor is licensed in the City of Milwaukee:

The lists of City-licensed concrete, electrical and plumbing contractors are in PDF format; to search for a particular contractor, select the binoculars icon at the top of the page and type in the contractor's name. Search the home improvement contractor list by selecting Find under the Edit Menu in Internet Explorer and Netscape.

*NOTE: Contractors seeking to preform work within the City of Milwaukee May be subject to additional license requirements mandated by the State of Wisconsin. 

Click here to see what licsense are required by the City of Milwaukee for alterations to one or two family houses.
Click here to look up contractor credentials issued by the State of Wisconsin.



These lists change frequently, as contractors are added or removed.

To learn more about City licensing regulations, contact the following:

Concrete contractor licensing: Call the Development Center Tech Team, 414.286.8208

Electrical contractor licensing: Call the electrical inspection section, Dept. of Neighborhood Services, 414.286.2532

Plumbing contractor licensing: Call the plumbing inspection section, Dept. of Neighborhood Services, 414.286.3361

Home improvement contractor licensing (City of Milwaukee): Call the City Clerk's license division, 414.286.2238

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