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  1. Login to Self-Service: Go to and click on HRMS PRD 9.1
  2. Click on Enterprise Learning Result TrackingReview Training Summary.
  3. You will see Find an Existing Value.
  4. Click the Search button and you will see the list of in-house training programs you completed OR are currently enrolled in.
  5. Click on the Show All Columns icon next to the Session tab. If you registered for an upcoming in-house training program (sponsored by Employee Relations), your Status will be Enrolled.
  6. You can download your course history to MS Excel. Click on the download icon.
  7. Important! Always “sign out” when you are done with self service (upper right-hand corner).

The list includes all in-house training programs sponsored by the Department of Employee Relations from 1997 – present, as well as courses where you received tuition reimbursement (1997 – 2009). All ‘2010 and courses taken for which you applied for and received tuition reimbursement will be found under Self Service, the same section where you complete an application for reimbursement. (see the Tuition Reimbursement Self-Service Instructions on how to view your reimbursement history, 2010 – present)