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On July 26, 2016, Common Council File #160453 was approved. This file enacts legislation imposing a residency requirement on law enforcement, fire, and emergency personnel to reside within 15 miles of the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Milwaukee.  This charter ordinance takes effect on October 11, 2016.

The City Service Commission, as the designated body under the charter responsible for administering, interpreting, and enforcing the provisions of this new residency requirement for general city employees, will be introducing rule changes at its next meeting (tentatively scheduled for August 23, 2016).  The rule changes will identify general city positions that will be considered “emergency personnel” for purposes of this residency requirement.  Final adoption of the aforementioned rule changes will be scheduled for Commission action in September. DER anticipates scheduling and holding meet and confer sessions with the appropriate personnel prior to the Commission’s action in September.

Employees who are subject to this residency requirement should understand that the Commission will continue to handle requests for extensions and hardship exceptions in accordance with provisions from the City Charter.  Additional information, including the positions classified as “emergency personnel” will be shared as soon as it is available. A map has been developed by the City’s Information Technology Management Division depicting the 15 mile boundary: (click here for map).

To zoom in on the streets, click the + sign that appears when you hover the cursor near the bottom of the map.


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3-Step Appraisal Process Launchkit

Phase I: 3-Step Health Appraisal Process Complete the following steps: 1. Lab work 2. Comprehensive wellness questionnaire 3. Meet with a health coach for a 30-minute education session In addition, if you test nicotine/cotinine positive, you will be asked to attend a 90-minute tobacco cessation class. When you complete these steps, you will not be charged a monthly health appraisal fee if you take the City’s health plan.

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Salary adjustments for general City employees for 2016 (r. 04.08.16)

Common Council File #151209 was approved by the Finance and Personnel Committee and the Common Council in December 2015. Therefore, changes were made to the Salary Ordinance that allowed the Department of Employee Relations to create and administer salary adjustment provisions in 2016 for City of Milwaukee employees who have been excluded from pay progression practices allowed under career ladders created in 2012 and beyond or employees covered by provisions of labor agreements.

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Pension Contribution Changes Effective 02.01.15 (r. 02.11.15)

Effective February 1st or Pay Period 4 of 2015, all general city employee members of the Employee’ Retirement System who were hired prior to January 1, 2014 will contribute 5.5% of their earnable compensation (i.e., base salary) towards their pension. The following table summarizes employees’ eligibility for salary adjustments as a result of having to make this 5.5% contribution per the WI Supreme Court decision on Act 10.

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