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Escuela Verde Students

EV uses project-based learning, which is a comprehensive teaching style that is hands-on and allows students to learn at their own pace while solving real-world problems. Hannah Wood, an 8th grader (pictured third from left), and Eduardo de la Cruz, a 10th grader (pictured far left) share their experiences

Private Sector Job Connection

The Private Sector Job Connection provides work opportunities in the private sector for older youth, usually at least 18 years-old, who have had previous work experience in Earn & Learn or in another program. Employers submit job orders that outline the essential duties, qualifications and work requirements for each position they wish to fill. Students are screened to ensure they meet the qualifications specified by employers.

Trevionne Petty

Trevionne is a firm believer that overcoming challenges is the key to learning. As a Milwaukee Collegiate Academy student, he pushed himself to take on rigorous coursework in chemistry, participate in mock trials in civics, and learn a new language and culture in a Spanish course.

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