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DB Milwaukee 

Your City of Milwaukee Database Reporting Utility





Inactive connections are automatically closed.  If you are prompted to login, simply close that browser window and re-open a new one.

To open/save reports in .pdf format you must have Adobe Acrobat installed.

To open/save reports in .xls format you must have MS Excel or a compatible spreadsheet software loaded on your computer.

 The wildcard character (%) may be used with some reports - WCC in the title.


Most of the pre-designed reports will return results in less than 30 seconds over a standard dial-up connection.

For user generated reports, keep search criteria specific to reduce report generation time.

Large reports may take several minutes to "reformat" into .pdf or excel reports.


Reports saved into MS Excel with more than 65,000 rows will be truncated - this a row limitation within Excel.

Extremely large user generated reports may fail.  This limitations is usually the result of an excessive number of rows, an excessive number of columns and connection timeout.


For best results your Display Adapter setting should be set to a resolution of 1024 x 768, and you should maximize your browser window.

If you experience any difficulties with the application, or have any questions please email the GIS department.