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District Four Auxilary and Explorers

The Auxilary and Explorer Programs are volunteer programs designed for those interested in Law Enforcement. The Auxilary Program is for individuals over the age of 18, whereas the Explorer Program is for individuals that are 14-18 years of age.

A program like these dates back to 1960, and was revamped in 1986. This modern approach incorperates a cooperative effort between law enforcement officers and civilian volunteers. The Auxilary and Explorer Programs are seen in all 7 districts within the Milwaukee Police Department. The experience gained from these programs not only make for a positive impact in law enforcement, but a positive impact in all careers, youth developement, and within the community.

Interested individuals can call 935 - 7243 to inquire more about this experience. Please leave a phone message for PO Edwards, who will return your call during his working hours. You can also pick-up applications at the local district station.


Youth Leadership Initiative

This initiative partners with various stakeholders within the Fourth District to address school and neighborhood concerns. Northwest Secondary School and James Madison High School are the first schools to benefit from the program. Partners meet weekly with students to coach, counsel and empower students to display leadership characteristics, while at school and within the community.

District Four and The Community

District Four comprises of approximately 28.8 miles, with a district population of nearly 70,000 residents. District Four has monthly Crime and Safety meetings on the last Tuesday at 6:00p.m. These meetings are held at the Fire & Police Academy, which is located at 6680 N Teutonia Ave.