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IAPMO and BPMA Launches Backflow Assist Program

(March 1, 2007) – The Backflow Prevention Manufacturers Association (BPMA), in conjunction with the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Backflow Prevention Institute, has created a program called Backflow Assist to help individuals and entities that do not have the resources to install needed and necessary backflow assemblies. The program installs backflow preventers, which are devices installed in a plumbing system to prevent wastewater from flowing back into the public drinking water supply. These devices need to be periodically tested to ensure they are working properly. At this time the program islimited to testable assemblies two inches and less in size.Both Associations are committed to assisting the people in our communities whochoose to help those in need. Working together as an industry and members of the communitywe can better protect our water supply. IAPMO is pleased to announce the first installationof a proper backflow device through the Backflow Assist program, to be installed at St.Phillips Lutheran Church and School in Milwaukee, WI. A backflow protection device will be installed on the church's boiler and mop sink. We will also tag the plumbing, to show what is safe and unsafe in the water lines. These improvements will bring the church up to plumbing code for the city of Milwaukee. "The whole process was very easy. All I had to do was fill out a short application and everything was done via email," stated Barb Allard, spokesperson for St. Phillips Church. "This will benefit the church greatly; who knows what something like this would have cost. We are a small non profit organization, so to be able to get this service done free of charge, with no hassle, was really a blessing."

For more information, email the Backflow Assistance Program. IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute and BPMA mission is to create awareness, support and enhance application of uniform backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs by addressing all relevant segments of the community and industry. Provide education and training to facilitate the safest possible drinking water systems. Work with and support existing backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs in a community to the maximum extent possible.

Typically sinks with faucets that extend be low the overflow drain are susectable to siphoning contaminated water back into the water system. Other devices directly piped to the water system are also suscetable. Backflow preventer valves and pipe labeling are the means to prevent this.

Since 2005 the City of Milwaukee has had a commecial building backflow prevention and cross-connection inspection program underway. As part of complaince with a DNR water permit, the City is required to inspect businesses for cross-connections.

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