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1 .         All disbursements must be made for political purposes and by check.


2.          No corporate checks shall be accepted. [ss.11.38(1)(a)] 

3.          A maximum of $50.00 may be accepted in cash. [ss.11.16(2)] 

4.          A maximum of $10.00 may be accepted anonymously. [ss.11.12(2)] 

5.         Anonymous contributions of less than $10.00 may be listed under unitemized contributions. Any aggregate contributions of more than $10 and up to $100 must be listed with name and address of contributor. [ss.11.06(1)(a)] Any aggregate contributuion of more than $200 must be listed with name and occupation, or principal place of business of contributor. [ss.11.06(1)(b)]

6.        Maximum contributions are limited to each campaign or election period that includes the primary and election. For example, in the next regular Spring Election, the period is 07/01/2016 - 06/30/2020. 

7.       Notification will be made to candidates for timely filing of financial reports. 

NOTE: You may be exempt from filing financial reports, IF you do not anticipate collecting or spending in excess of $2,000 in the campaign period, and not more than $100 from one source except the candidate. The committee will remain on exemption until they are no longer eligibile. To request the exemption or report ineligibility of exemption, you must complete the bottom section of page 2 of the Campaign Registration Statement, Form EB-1. 

8.     Any changes to campaign data must be made by filing an amended Campaign Registration Statement, Form EB-1 within 10 days of the change (e.g., change in address, Treasurer, etc.). [ss.11.05(5)]  

Aldermanic and Citywide Candidates

School Board & Municipal Judge Candidates (Adobe Reader)