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Condemnation Section

At some point due to neglect or age buildings fall into a state of disrepair and someone has to take care of the problem. If the owner fails to act, dangerous and unsound structures are demolished by the City and typically the costs are added to the property tax bill. This not only protects the neighbors, but help protect property values and removes a blighting condition.

Since this is an issue dealing with property or ownership rights, it most likely involves substantial amounts of money. The process is lengthy to protect everyone's interests. Only under immediate risk to other people or property is a building demolished within a few days. Most likely the process is 6 months to a year.

Permits are required for the demolition of a structure and are obtained from the DNS Office at 841 N. Broadway, 1st flr. Only bonded and insured wrecking contractors can obtain a permit. Call the Condemnation section for details at 286-2557.

Other related permits may be required from DCD's Development Center located at 809 N. Broadway 1st Floor. See the permit process for more information.

Manager- Ron Roberts

Supervisor- Chris Kraco 


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