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Code Compliance Program

Last revision 03/15/2015

Code Compliance Program Discontinued
As a result of new State law, Wisconsin Act 176, which became effective March 2, 2016, we are no longer allowed to operate the Code Compliance program.

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Property Recording Program

If the new owner is NOT going to live in the dwelling they must fill out a property recording form also! The new owner has 15 days from the sale or title transfer to file an application. Get Property Recording requirements, forms, and applications for the City of Milwaukee.

Property Data

Look up your property on the NSS database

Phone Directory

DNS phone list of all office contacts

DNS Public Information

Complete listing of DNS public information, including brochures, forms, maps.

Water Bill Change of Address

Cambio de direccion postal

Use this form if you want to change the address where the bill is sent.

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