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Code Compliance Program

The City of Milwaukee's Certificate of Code Compliance ordinance (200-52) requires purchasers of non-owner occupied one and two family dwellings located city-wide and owner occupied one and two family dwellings located within designated reinvestment areas to have an exterior inspection conducted at the time of sale of the property.

The purpose of the program is to preserve and improve housing stock by insuring that properties meet minimum exterior building codes.

Sellers are required to inform buyers when a Certificate of Code Compliance is required. Buyers are ultimately responsible for insuring that a certificate has been obtained. The property may not be rented out prior to having the required inspection conducted.

There is a $91.26* application fee. Two structures on the same property require a single application and a single fee.
(*Fee includes a 1.4% training and technology surcharge.)

Applications are available at the downtown office, Lake Tower office or via the internet. Be sure to follow the directions and read the complete instructions and application before you call for help. Familiarity with the form will help you avoid mistakes and spend less time filling it out. Use of the internet forms requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader software. (Get ACROBAT reader before accessing these files.)

Find out what Code Compliance Inspectors Look for? A comprehensive list of what gets examined and what condition it should be in.

CODE COMPLIANCE BROCHURE (DNS-160).pdf - Identifies areas, provides program requirements, exceptions and procedures. (WARNING: This is a legal size document.) If printing, your printer will require legal size paper.

CODE COMPLIANCE APPLICATION (DNS-161). pdf - Application form for Code Compliance inspection and certificate.

Contact the CODE COMPLIANCE PROGRAM Secretary, Amy Schemenauer (286-3838) for more details. To E-mail CLICK HERE->

If the new owner is NOT going to live in the dwelling they must fill out a property recording form also! The new owner has 15 days from the sale or title transfer to file an application.

PROPERTY RECORDING - Detailed line-by-line instructions for filling out the Property Recording Application including additional information regarding applications and applicable forms.

Microfilm and Records Click here->See PROPERTY DATA

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