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Code Compliance Program

As of March 2, 2016, Act 176 went into effect and eliminated the City of Milwaukee Code Compliance Program as administered by DNS.

However, the Department of City Development (DCD) still requires buyers of City-owned real estate to apply for and obtain a Certificate of Code Compliance. This is a contractual requirement of the purchase and sale agreement. Our Neighborhood Improvement Program Inspectors conducts these inspections and completes an interior and exterior inspection for all properties through DCD Real Estate.

If you have purchased a property from DCD and need an inspection for a Certificate of Code Compliance, please contact the NIP section: 

Main NIP Number – (414) 286-2163
NIP Inspector – Mark Pelzek – (414) 286-3445
NIP Inspector – Tom Frank – (414) 286-2134
NIP Manager – Brian Kaufman – (414) 286-3868

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841 N. Broadway
10th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202  


NIP Manager
Brian Kaufman  

Phone: 414-286-3868