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Evaluation, Update and Amendment Procedure for Comprehensive Planning


The Common Council has adopted the following procedures for Comprehensive Plan evaluation and for all amendments to the Future Land Use Map and to Comprehensive Plan text. An amendment to the Future Land Use Map means any correction or modification to the map maintained by the City of Milwaukee as its approved current Future Land Use Map. A text amendment means an amendment in the form of an addition, correction, or modification of text in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Citywide Policy Plan, including its Future Land Use Map, shall be evaluated not less than once every 10 years. Area Plans shall be evaluated as needed.

Required 10 year Evaluation, Update and Amendment Procedure

DCD must review the City Comprehensive Plan to assess and evaluate the effectiveness and shortcomings of the Plan including the validity of the projections, the realization of the goals and objectives, and the applicability of the Plan’s polices and maps. It is DCD’s responsibility to initiate an evaluation of the Citywide Plan and Area Plans and conduct the following tasks:

Task 1: Prepare a brief Update Report on the Plan that evaluates the following:

New census data and economic projects (if available)

Comparison of the adopted Land Use Map and land uses at the time of evaluation

Comparison of projects anticipated in the adopted plan and projects completed and/or underway at the time of evaluation

Major problems of development, physical deterioration, location of land uses, and the social and economic effect of the major problems identified

Unanticipated and unforeseen problems and opportunities that occurred since the adoption that include a description of the unforeseen problems and/or opportunities and their impacts

Changes to Wisconsin Statutes and/or changes in state or regional policy

New and/or revised goals, objects and policies (as needed)

Any needed action to address the planning issues raised in the report and changes in other jurisdictional policies

Proposed or anticipated text or map amendments to address or implement the identified changes

Adopted Public Participation Procedure to determine which steps the amendment process will incorporate

Task 2: Upon completion of Update Report, prepare a resolution transmitting the report, recommending an amendment to the Citywide and/or Area Plan and, if deemed necessary, alterations to the public participation process. Submit the resolution for introduction at Common Council.

Task 3: The Council will, if appropriate, direct DCD to amend the Citywide and/or Area Plan, which could range from a simple text change to a rewrite of an entire plan.

Task 4: Prepare the Plan amendment and conduct the public participation
procedure as specified in the update report.

Task 5: Once the Plan amendment is complete, prepare a resolution and
ordinance. Submit the ordinance for introduction at the Common Council and schedule a City Plan Commission Public Hearing.

Task 6: Follow the formal review and adoption process. The Zoning, Neighborhoods, and Development Committee cannot take action until the City Plan Commission has approved the resolution.

Minor Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedure

Minor text or map amendments may be initiated by the subject property owner(s) or the City. It is the responsibility of DCD to conduct the following tasks if such an amendment is initiated:

Task 1: Evaluate the proposed amendment, in consultation with the
appropriate stakeholders, using the criteria from Task 1 of the 10 year evaluation, update and amendment procedure to decide whether or not an amendment is necessary.

Task 2: If an amendment is deemed necessary, submit an ordinance for
introduction at Common Council and a resolution for the City Plan Commission.

Task 3: Follow the formal review and adoption process. In addition, if there are amendments proposed to the Future Land Use Map, send all property owners within at least 500 feet of the Map change a notice of the City Plan Commission Public Hearing.


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