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307-1 -- Commissioner of Assessments; Ownership Records
307-2 -- Tax-Exempt Property Report
307-3 -- Objections To Manufacturing Property Assessments
307-4 -- Board of Review
307-5 -- Confidentiality of Income and Expense Information

307-1. Commissioner of Assessments; Ownership Records. The commissioner of assessments shall maintain ownership records of all property in the city and make proper reports in regard to these duties to any such office, department, bureau, division or unit. In addition, the commissioner shall report to the department of neighborhood services all changes in the use of vacant and improved parcels and all requests to subdivide or consolidate parcels.

307-2. Tax-Exempt Property Report. By March 31 of each even-numbered year, the owner of each parcel of tax-exempt property shall obtain from and return to the commissioner of assessments, a form, as provided in s. 70.337, Wis. Stats., concerning the characteristics of the tax-exempt property.

307-3. Objections To Manufacturing Property Assessments.

  1. AUTHORITY. Pursuant to the authority granted under s. 70.995(8)(d), Wis. Stats., the commissioner of assessments is authorized to file an objection with the state board of assessors to the amount, valuation or taxability of any specific manufacturing property within the city.
  2. FORM TO BE FILED. The commissioner of assessments shall file a written report to the common council on an annual basis the status of any objections filed under this section.

307-4. Board of Review.

  1. CREATION. There is created a board of review under s. 70.46, Wis. Stats., consisting of 5 members appointed by the mayor for staggered 5-year terms and confirmed by the common council. Members shall be city residents and may not occupy any public office or be publicly employed. Members shall be compensated for their services as determined by the common council.
  2. DUTIES. The board shall perform the duties prescribed for the board in ch. 70, Wis. Stats. The commissioner of assessments shall staff the board.