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Milwaukee Board of Examining Engineers Exam Information

Milwaukee Board of Examining Engineers Exam Information

Milw. Board Contact Persons   A.S.O.P.E National Office
Ron Nuoffer (262) 305-1948   139 W. Tate St. Ste. 6
Tim Kemen (262) 412-5148   Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

Toll Free 866-926-1821
or 812-577-7256

Date and time of exams The exams are normally given on the first Thursday of each month. The exams starts at 5:00 pm. Those arriving after 5:00 pm. Will not be seated for the exam.

Application for Examination You must submit an application at least 30 days prior to taking the exam. The Applications can be obtained by contacting one of the contact persons listed above. The application must be filled out and signed in black or blue ink, and must be legible.
Total boiler operating pressure and total boiler capacity is used for plant ratings. An example would be 3 boilers operating at 15 psi. with a 20,000 lb./hr flow rate would be a total of 15 psi at 60,000 lb/hr.  This is a low pressure operation.

Additional pertinent information may be attached or entered on the backside of the application. Include college degrees obtained. Technical courses attended, and military experience. The information may also include copies of certificates of completion of correspondence courses that apply to power engineering, boiler operation and maintenance, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration. Please send copies only of the additional information, do not send the originals, as we will not take responsibility if the originals are lost. If you presently hold or held a power engineering license or other boiler operating license, please include a copy of the license with the application.

Where to submit applications

Milwaukee Board of Examining Engineers

7412 Jeanellen Rd.

West Bend,  WI   53090


You will receive a post card informing you of the date of your exam.


Exam fee is $45 US for the initial examination and the first year license.  The license is good for one calendar year (e.g., January to December). You must pay the fee with personal check or money order.


Please submit the fee with your application. The exam results will be held for 2 week to insure your check clears our bank. If a check is returned to us due to non sufficient funds we will add an additional $50 to the fee for our processing which will be due before any exam results or certificates will be released to you. All checks must be made out to ASOPE or American Society Of Power Engineers. If you fail to show up for the exam date you will be automatically signed up for the next month exam and will be sent a second post card. If you fail to show up for the second exam date, the check will be forfeited and a new application and fee must be submitted.


No Cash Payments Please

Location of exam Exams are given at the Valley Power Plant 1035 West Canal St. Milwaukee. (3 blocks East of Potowatomi bingo and casino). Park in the lot across the street from the plant. Enter the plant through the main entrance and sign in with the guard.  


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