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The Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge is a public/ private initiative that seeks to increase energy efficiency in the City of Milwaukee and reduce energy usage by 20% in participating Milwaukee buildings by 2020. The Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge participating organizations are asked to support this initiative by upgrading their buildings to be more energy efficient, and publicly advocating for city-wide energy efficiency awareness.

The Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) agrees to provide the following:

  • Guidance and support throughout the challenge from City of Milwaukee Office of Environmental Sustainability and Me2 program staff
  • Financing for building energy efficiency upgrades
  • National and Local recognition of your organizations energy efficiency related efforts

The Pledge

As a BBC participant, your company or organization pledges the following (check all to complete pledge):

Select at least one property to participate in Milwaukee BBC,
Identify energy reduction goal and a building energy-saving project (current or planned),
Track and share energy consumption with free online energy-management program: Portfolio Manager,
Develop plan and schedule for energy-efficiency based building upgrades, and
Explore PACE Financing with Me2 for energy-efficiency or renewable energy projects.

My organization, , is committed to the Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge, and pledges to work to improve energy efficiency within its building facilities. We pledge to become a Milwaukee Better Building and agree to the five pledge requirements above. 

My organization pledges to improve square feet of building space. 

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