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The Assessor's Office asks individuals to review their value using the assessment tools noted above.  If you disagree with the value please follow this procedure:   


*        First, property owners should discuss their concerns with an assessor in the Assessor's Office.  During this informal session, information will be provided to show how the assessment was made.  Property owners can also review the records on their individual and comparable properties.  Property owners can call 286-6565 to talk to an assessor or they can visit the Assessor's Office 8:00 a.m.- 4:45 p.m. (8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. May 6 - May 10).  No appointment is necessary.
Assessors in the City Assessor's Office are state-certified and trained to explain individual assessments.  For most efficient service concerning assessments, property owners should visit or contact the Assessor's Office directly, not other governmental offices.  


*        Second, individuals who still disagree with their assessment may file an appeal with the Board of Assessors.  Property owners who wish to make a formal appeal must follow the procedures detailed on the assessment notice that was mailed to them.  Formal appeals must be filed on forms available in the Assessor's Office.  Under state law, appeals must be filed by the 3rd Monday in May -  May 20, 2013.

All properties under appeal will be inspected by an appraiser from the Assessor's Office.  Recommendations for any necessary changes or corrections will be made to the Board of Assessors. The Board of Assessors will notify property owners of decisions made on formal appeals. 

Owners who do not agree with the Board of Assessor decision may proceed with a formal hearing before the Board of Review.  The Board of Review is a citizen panel that hears evidence provided by the taxpayer and the assessor and decides if the assessment is correct. The Board of Review's determination may be appealed to the circuit court of Milwaukee County.