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City of Milwaukee Dog and Cat License Fees

Effective Date January 1, 2009
January 1 st - March 31 st
$12 Altered
$24 Unaltered

After April 1st a late fee is added to license fee:
$18 Altered
$36 Unaltered
Dog and cat license information for City of Milwaukee animals

Contact: Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission at 414-649-8640.

Facility address: MADACC, 3839 W. Burnham St., West Milwaukee, WI 53215

A. Wisconsin State Statute as well as Milwaukee County and Municipal Ordinance require that dogs and cats 5 months of age and older must be up-to-date on rabies inoculations and licensing prior to leaving MADACC. If your dog or cat has not been h. File a report with your local Police Department.

vaccinated against rabies or the vaccination has expired, you must go to your veterinarian, pay for the rabies vaccination in advance and bring the "Prepayment Receipt" with you at the time you claim your pet.

B. Proof of a current Milwaukee County dog or cat license is required.

C. Fees involved in the return of your dog or cat vary depending on the area the animal was found, length of stay at the shelter, and the need for purchase of a current license. Following is a brief explanation of what types of fees are to be expected:

Ordinance Fee-Municipal fee for animal running at large. Range from $3.00 to $50.00.

Impound Fee-A $60.00 impound fee is charged for the handling/pick-up of the animal per occurance.

Board Fee-A board fee of $15.00 per calendar day the animal is housed at the facility.

License Fee-If you are unable to show evidence that the pet is current with a Milwaukee County License, you must apply for one at the time you claim your lost animal. This fee can vary from $8.00 to $40.00 depending on the municipality of residence.

D. Current identification such as a valid Wisconsin driver's license must be shown at the time you claim your lost pet.


a. Call our facility as soon as possible to report your lost pet. A report will be completed and kept on file.

b. Visit our facility within 24 hours of your pet's disappearance to view our kennels.

c. Check MADACC website home page daily and view strays that are in the shelter through the "Lost A Pet" link. Photos are updated at 10AM daily.

d. It is your responsibility to visit our shelter on a regular basis, at the very minimum, once every six days as stray animals are held by law for seven days to be claimed by their owner.

e. Check with your neighborhood newspaper delivery person.

f. Check with neighborhood children.

g. Post a "Lost Animal Flyer" throughout the neighborhood.

Other animal fees administered by DNS

Animal Fancier $60 Late Fee $25
Animal Keeper Fee $70 Late Fee $30

Contact Dept. of Neighborhood Services for details and applications at 414-286-5771.

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