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Operation Wipeout

The fight against graffiti in the City of Milwaukee got some needed ammunition during the week of May 18, 1998. The City unveiled its new billboards with their anti-graffiti message. The billboards were donated by Eller media.

The honorable Mayor John O. Norquist invites everyone to join the fight against graffiti and see the new anti-graffiti billboards to help citizens get the word out that graffiti is a crime! One of the new billboards are at 2nd & Bruce. The mayor told the crowd what he thought of graffiti. "It scares the hell out of people, it reduces the amount of jobs that are in the neighborhood, there is nothing good about it, any body who does it is an enemy of the neighborhood." said Norquist.

If you have a graffiti problem in your neighborhood or want to report a building with graffiti on it, call the Anti-Graffiti Hotline at 286-8715. Ask for Sharon Blando or Roger Cortez.

A number of neighborhoods are sponsoring Graffiti Paint outs. If you gave a WIPE OUT or a Painting Party and would like to put it on our list, give us a call at 286-8715 or send us an E-mail below. We'll be glad to post it and give you some help setting it up.

Show your support for WIPING OUT GRAFFITI in Milwaukee!

In case you didn't know it is illegal to sell wide-tipped markers or spray paint to minors in Milwaukee. These items must be in a secure area or under the direct supervision of a clerk either physically or electronically. A sign must be posted in these areas notifying customers of this ordinance, If you see a store violating this ordinance they can be fined up to $500. Report violations to the Hotline.

Need help getting rid of graffiti? Here's our brochure listing the latest tips and tricks.

How to Remove Graffiti Brochure.pdf 

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